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About RIA “Voronezh”

Regional News Agency “Voronezh” is a regional news agency that distributes Russian and the Voronezh Region news prepared by its own reporters. The Autonomous Agency of the Voronezh Region RIA “Voronezh” includes 36 information platforms: News Agency “Voronezh” website, socio-political newspaper “Voronezhsky Kurier”, weekly newspaper about city's life “Semerochka”“Slova” magazine and 32 regional newspapers of the Voronezh Region.

The broadcasting of Regional News Agency “Voronezh” covers the entire Voronezh Region which is the largest region of the Central Black Earth (the Voronezh Region area is 52.4 thousand square meters; the population is 2.3 million people).

The Agency’s mission is the most complete and timely coverage of the Voronezh Region events.

Objectivity, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness are the main priorities of the Agency. Our competences are the deep knowledge of the information sources, the unique experience in its collection, processing and delivery.

The work of RIA Voronezh journalists was honored at the municipal, regional and Federal contests.

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