Photos by RIA “Voronezh”. How street theatre parade of Platonov Festival went

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Text: Olesya Shpileva
Artists organized a march along Revolution Avenue.

“Summer Lights” Street Theatre Parade traditional for the Platonov Festival took place in the center of Voronezh on Russia Day, June 12. For the first time, the rally was held in nighttime which allowed the artists to use glowing decorative components for costumes.

Photo – Andrei Arkhipov

The parade involved 11 troupes from France, Germany the Netherlands, the UK and Russia. French theatre Quidams brought giant inflatable horse figures to the parade. The massive costumes actually are almost weightless: they are based on light steel frames and thin fabric.

Photo – Andrei Arkhipov

Dinosaurs of Dutch theatre Close-Act with stilt-walkers inside them kept reaching for the crowd and were constantly trying to bite someone.

Photo – Andrei Arkhipov

German stilt-walkers from Stelzen-Art theatre dressed in inflatable butterfly and flower costumes were catching spectators with glowing butterfly nets.

Photo – Andrei Arkhipov

The fact that the parade started late at night did not scare Voronezh residents off – according to the organizers, almost 20 thousand people came to watch the performance of street artists on Revolution Avenue.


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