10 thousand people participated in the sacred procession "From Mitrofan of Voronezh to Tikhon of Zadonsk" from Voronezh to Zadonsk, Archpriest Nikolay Babich, head of the procession, told the correspondent of RIA "Voronezh". The procession began from the Annunciation Cathedral on Sunday, August 20. In total, for the four days, the believers will have to cover 100 km. On the first day, the participants of the procession went along the streets of Voronezh, in the evening, they reached the village of Chertovitsy, Ramonsky District, where they stopped for the night.

- More than 2 thousand people reached Chertovitsy. The majority of the people originally planned to walk only in Voronezh. Everyone has different reasons. Someone can not walk for a long time and spend the night in the field due to poor health, others have to work and cannot escape from the city. But the sacred procession does not mean that you need to go from point A and to point B. It is up to you to decide. Sometimes people join us in the middle of the route or already near Zadonsk. It does not matter how many kilometers you've traveled, it's important that you pray on the way, you struggle with your sins, Archpriest Nikolay Babich. Explained.

The believers took with them small bags with water, medicine, mobile phones. They are carrying icons on their chests or in their hands. The pilgrims put their backpacks with sleeping bags and tourist rugs before the start of the procession in the special truck that takes the belongings to the place of the next night's lodging.

- I work as an informatics teacher in one of the Voronezh schools, in August I have a vacation and I have been a part of the procession from Voronezh to Zadonsk for many years. My mother, my nine-year-old son, my six-year-old daughter and my colleagues are with me this time. My children are with me not for the first time. It is not hard for them, it is something like a journey for them, but some day they will understand what the true purpose of the procession is. For me this way is my life in miniature. On the way, I think about my actions and plans for the future, I ask the Lord to show me the right way in life. When I return home, my heart is warm and my mind is in order, there are no bad thoughts, confusion, aggression, Nadezhda Novichikhina, a teacher from Voronezh, confessed.

The organizers of the sacred procession scheduled the route so that to reach Zadonsk by the evening of Thursday, August 24. To make it on time, the participants of the procession move along the asphalt road at a speed of 5 km / h, through the forest - at a speed of about 3 km / h. There is a special vehicled for tired children, pensioners and sick people. Throughout the journey, the pilgrims are escorted by law enforcement agencies.

- We will arrive in Zadonsk a day before the evening service begins in memory of miracle-worker St. Tikhon (from 1763 to 1767 he lived and preached in Voronezh - RIA "Voronezh"). The pilgrims will be able to relax, talk with the monks, work in the monastery. We will go by buses to get from Zadonsk to Voronezh at 14:00, Archpriest Nikolay Babich explained.
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