Exhibition “Behind the Scenes of the Nuremberg Trials” opened in the main building of the Voronezh Regional Museum of Local History (29, Plekhanovskaya St.) on Friday, August 25. The exposition includes copies of the drawings of Soviet artist Nikolay Zhukov from the funds of his museum house and the Yelets City Museum of Local History.

The exhibition at the local history museum will feature over 30 drawings created by Nikolay Zhukov during the Nuremberg trials in 1946 of Nazi criminals. Zhukov is a famous Soviet artist and poster designer. He went through the whole Great Patriotic War, he was a frontline painter, worked as an illustrator for “Pravda” newspaper. As a correspondent, he was sent to Nuremberg as part of the Soviet delegation. Within 40 days of the trials, Zhukov had created several hundreds of sketches of the judges, criminals, journalists and witnesses of the process. And his selected works were exhibited at the local history museum.

Today, in the growing dusk of the uprising fascism and nationalism that we witness, this exhibition is as important as ever, because it demonstrates what it all leads to. Sooner or later, all these criminals end up in the felon's dock. It will serve as a good lesson to those who strain after their dark and obscure ideals. And for us, it is but another illustration and reminder of how our country managed to break the spine of the terrible Nazi beast, the brown plague. In his diaries, in the commentaries to these drawings, Nikolay Zhukov wrote that in the war years he had to draw a great number of Nazi soldiers and officers, but his strongest impression was from meeting those who started this war, who personally brought innumerable disasters upon the whole world. At the Nuremberg trials, he had looked into their faces and imprinted them creating precise psychological portraits – of the defeated and crushed villains.

Voronezh war historian, Head of the History Museum of the Voronezh State Agrarian University and of the Great Patriotic War

Museum representatives noted that the exhibition can be attended by school history teachers together with their students who will certainly be interested in taking a look at unusual relic of the post-war years.

Exhibition “Behind the Scenes of the Nuremberg Trials” will function at the Voronezh Museum of Local History until the end of 2017. Admission to the museum is by tickets to the main exposition. For the ticket cost, visit the museum website.