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В Воронежской области построят завод по переработке животного сырья и производству муки 15.06 16:56 Raw animal material processing and flour production plant to be built in Voronezh Region

The capacity of the enterprise in Liskinsky District will reach 180 tons per day.

Посол США похвалил воронежское мясо 09.06 14:12 US Ambassador praises Voronezh meat

John Tefft talked to the VSU students and journalists.

В Воронежской области заработал завод по сушке люцерны 09.06 13:56 Alfalfa Drying Plant starts operating in Voronezh Region

The technology enables to preserve the maximum of proteins and vitamins in the fodder.

Минсельхоз Израиля увидел в Воронежской области площадку для проекта по животноводству 08.06 12:58 Ministry of Agriculture of Israel finds Voronezh Region attractive for animal husbandry project

They will select a region for the partnership of the countries in dairy production in the fall of 2017.

Воронежская область заняла 17 место в социально-экономическом рейтинге регионов РФ 31.05 17:03 Voronezh Region takes 17 place in Socio-Economic Rating of Russian Regions

The region climbed two positions in 2016.

Воронежская область вошла в рейтинг городов с самой дешевой арендой домов 29.05 16:53 Voronezh Region enters rating of cities with the cheapest rent of houses

The rent of a detached house will cost 20.7 thousand rubles per month.

Число занятых в малом бизнесе жителей Воронежской области выросло на 10% за год 16.05 13:00 Number of Voronezh residents employed in small business increases by 10% over year

The number of entrepreneurs has reached 88 thousand people.

Крупнейшую в Воронежской области птицефабрику запустят 1 августа 15.05 14:09 Largest poultry plant in Voronezh Region to be launched August 1

The facility will produce 0.5 billion eggs a year.

Воронежский авиазавод получит на Ил-96-400M более 6,2 млрд рублей 12.05 11:47 Voronezh Aircraft Plant to receive over 6.2 billion rubles for Il-96-400M

Specialists of the VASO will build a developmental prototype of the airplane.

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Капсула набок. Как космонавт Олег Новицкий вернулся на Землю к жене из Воронежской области 25.06 13:50 Capsule on the side. How cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky returned to Earth to his wife from Voronezh Region

Yulia Novitskaya – about the landing of “Soyuz MS-03” and a meeting after 196 days.

Забота Маталони. Как отец из Рима и мать из Воронежа 3 года делят сына 24.06 13:46 Mataloni’s care. How father from Rome and mother from Voronezh argue over their son for 3 years

Why the settlement agreement has not lead to a settlement.

Воронежцы на Кубке конфедераций: на какие матчи поедут горожане 18.06 13:40 Voronezh residents at FIFA Confederations Cup: what matches citizens are to attend

Football fans told why they decided to attend the tournament matches.

«Авиамикс-2017» в Воронеже. Как добраться и что взять на шоу 15.06 14:55 “Aviamix-2017” in Voronezh. How to get to and what to take with you

Pilots will perform at “Pogonovo” Range on June 17.

Фото РИА «Воронеж». Как прошел парад уличных театров на Платоновском фестивале 14.06 11:05 Photos by RIA “Voronezh”. How street theatre parade of Platonov Festival went

Artists organized a march along Revolution Avenue.

Как это работает. Группы анонимных алкоголиков в Воронеже 11.06 09:14 How it works. Alcoholics Anonymous groups in Voronezh

Where to cope with the dependency in 12 steps.