Воронежский губернатор призвал чиновников поощрять раздельный сбор мусора 05.06 21:43 Voronezh Governor urges officials to encourage separate collection of waste

Alexey Gordeyev promised to support the environmental initiatives of the region’s inhabitants.

Губернатор создал комиссию для контроля над строительством в Воронеже 23.05 16:23 Governor establishes commission to control construction in Voronezh

Decisions of the new body will be advisory.

Замминистра строительства порекомендовал снизить этажность нового жилья в Воронеже 24.03 12:40 Deputy Minister of Construction recommends reducing number of storeys in new houses in Voronezh

According to Nikita Stasishin, the measure will make the new buildings more comfortable.

Гордума поправит устав Воронежа для переноса Дня города 23.03 13:39 City Duma to correct Voronezh Charter to shift City Day

Deputies will take the initiative to public hearings.

Японцы запустят в Воронеже 5 пилотных проектов по развитию городской среды 03.02 19:14 Japan to launch 5 pilot projects for urban environment development in Voronezh

The citizens will be able to see the first results by September of 2017.

Доходы бюджета Воронежской области 2017 года выросли на 862 млн рублей 02.02 17:24 Income of Voronezh Region’s 2017 budget increase by 862 million rubles

The funds will be spent on fulfilling the social obligations of the region.

Правительство выделит 296 млн рублей на строительство очистных сооружений под Воронежем 31.01 15:57 Government to allocate 296 million rubles for constructing sewage disposal plant near Voronezh

The estimated capacity of the plant is up to 2.7 thousand cubic meters a day.

Воронежская область получит 69,2 млн рублей на развитие сельских территорий 24.01 14:28 Voronezh Region to receive 69.2 million rubles for development of rural areas

The subsidies will be allocated from the federal budget.

Глава Воронежской области вошел в топ-10 национального рейтинга губернаторов 29.12 21:30 Voronezh Region Head enters top-10 of National Ranking of Governors

The experts pointed out that Alexey Gordeyev has promptly made the region an advanced one.

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Vladimir Putin met Christmas in Voronezh region
Vladimir Putin met Christmas in Voronezh region
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