The Wargaming computer game development company shot a short film about the heroic deed of soldiers and officers of the 226th Zemlyansky Infantry Regiment from the Voronezh Region known as the “Attack of the Dead Men”. The film is called “The Attack of the Dead Men: Osowiec”. The video was published on the official World of Tanks channel in time to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War on Sunday, November 11.

The short film tells about a significant episode of the First World War – the defense of the Osowiec Fortress. The creators of the film claimed that they were trying to reconstruct the historical events in detail investing “all the accumulated video creation experience” in it.

– After a hundred years, textbooks, black and white photos and video chronicles aren’t able to convincingly demonstrate all the horrors of war to today’s audience. I hope that the film will accomplish its goal: to make the viewers think and share our belief that there is no place for wars in the real world by using modern artistic language, - Head of the Wargaming Publishing Department of in the CIS Andrei Muravyov reported.

The context

“The Attack of the Dead Men” is a widespread name of the counter-attack of the 226th Zemlyansky Infantry Regiment in rebuffing the gas attack of the German forces in the Osowiec Fortress in Poland. In the morning on August 6 of 1915, the enemy used chlorine gas against the Russian soldiers who had almost no means of protection from it. There were almost 1.6 thousand dead and poisoned soldiers. The Germans approached the fortress when the gas had cleared away. However, the soldiers who had miraculously survived the gas attack began rising up from the trenches and made the German battalions flee.

The story of Voronezh soldiers and officers formed the basis for a documentary named “Osowiec: Krepost Dukha” (“Osowiec: The Fortress of Spirit”) shot by Moscow director Vitaly Maksimov in 2015. A historic comic book about the heroic deed of the soldiers was released in June of 2015. A memorial sign in honor of the 226th Zemlyansky Infantry Regiment has been installed in Semiluksky District.