40 year old resident of Tula Vladimir Manchev became the absolute champion of the Open Bodybuilding Cup of the Voronezh Region. The tournament took place in the Zhheleznodorozhnikov Recreation Center on Saturday, October 7. 80 athletes from Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Gomel, Belgorod, Tula, Moscow and Lipetsk demonstrated the beauty of their muscles.

The bodybuilders competed in 12 categories. The absolute champion was chosen among the winners of three weight categories: 80+ kg, 90+ kg and 100+ kg. Three athletes competed for the main cup: Voronezh resident Eldar Inamov (the winner of the 90+ kg category) and Tula residents Vladimir Machnev (the winner of the 80+ kg category) and Alexander Karas (the winner of the 100+ kg category).

photo – Alexander Belov

According to Absolute Champion Vladimir Machnev, he entered professional bodybuilding in 2014. Before that, he trained in a gym on regular basis, but he had no intention of creating competitive musculature. The man worked as a personal security guard, and his main goal was to stay in good sports shape.

– In 2014 I decided that I could provide competition in tournaments and began preparing for them purposefully. I became the bronze winner of three regional championships the same year. It was followed by two years of rest; of course, I didn’t stop training, I did it in accordance with my own programme. And in 2017 I decided to return to competitive activity. Given my age, I decided to show everyone that age is not an obstacle for doing sports and having a great body. This year I’ve already become the absolute champion of championships in Bryansk and Kaluga and the champion of the 80+ kg category in Lipetsk, - champion Vladimir Manchev told the RIA “Voronezh” reporter.

photo – Alexander Belov

Vladimir Manchev’s plans for the nearest future include participation in the Russian Bodybuilding Championship which is to be held on October 10 through 23 in Astrakhan.

Photo – from Natalia Yermolova’s personal archive

As for Voronezh athletes, the best results were demonstrated by Eldar Inamov (the winner of the 90+ kg category), Nikita Rudoi (the absolute winner of the “Teenagers” category) and Natalia Yermolova (the absolute winner of the “Body Fitness” category).