Interregional exhibition-demonstration of equipment and technology “Voronezh Field Day” opened in the village of Komsomolsky, Ramonsky District, on Thursday, June 28. More than 180 agricultural companies took part in it, including companies from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Belgium. The opening was attended by Acting Governor Alexander Gusev.

The event is taking place in the region for the 12th time. Testing demonstration agricultural crops and equipment were presented at the exhibition. The area of the plots for experimental seeding was 17 hectares, for the equipment demonstration – 15 hectares.

The head of the region noted: the exhibition “proves that the development has started and is continuing in the agriculture”.

- This is very important and was largely due to the state’s policy towards agriculture. I hope that our federal authorities’ policy will not change. And I guarantee that the regional government’s policy will not change. We will support agriculture. We will do this in larger volumes than we do now, so I hope that you will have good prospects in the future, Alexander Gusev stressed.

The Acting Governor added:

- We hope that the development in agriculture will take place not only through growing grain, producing milk or meat, but also due to the establishment of equipment production and manufactured products processing enterprises. I believe that our priority should be the development of agricultural products processing sub-sector. We should start one of the first in the country, because those who are able to organize the system works in this sphere, will receive, in my opinion, the greatest preferences.

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