The new porcupine tenant from the Voronezh Zoo has expressed excessive curiosity while exploring his home - on the very first night, he gnawed half of the wooden decor of the door and the corrugated pipe under the sink. The animal came from Penza and became a gift for the 25th anniversary of the zoo, which was celebrated on Saturday, October 26.

Visitors will not see the troublemaker for another month: after arriving in Voronezh, the porcupine was quarantined in an isolated room, where it will adapt under the supervision of specialists. But judging by the first night in the new place, the moving in did not cause much stress on the animal. The porcupine quickly settled himself into the spacious room: he ate a full bowl of vegetables, tasted a log the staff had prepared for him as entertainment and switched to the door. The getaway has failed: the door turned out to be iron, and the wood veneer was simply a decor.

The next morning, employees found a bunch of chips on the floor and a gnawed plastic pipe under the sink.

The zoologists are deciding where to place the prickly rodent on an ongoing basis. There had already been porcupines in the collection of the zoo and they even brought offspring, so the staff has the experience of handling these animals.

In addition to the porcupine, the zoo received a blue-yellow macaw on its birthday: the parrot was presented by the colleagues from the Moscow Zoo. By bird standards, the 13-year-old female is very young - macaws live up to half a century. The parrot is currently in quarantine, but soon it will move to the cage to its brethren. There are three blue-yellow macaw males in the zoo, and experts hope that the “metropolitan gal” will choose a cavalier among them and will bring offspring. Macaws are monogamous: a couple is created once and for life. In captivity, these parrots breed poorly, but at the Moscow Zoo they brought offspring repeatedly.

The “Chervlyony Yar” zoo nursery has also been replenished for the anniversary: a European fallow deer will arrive there soon, and eight squirrels are already settling in a spacious open-air enclosure.

– We used to have two squirrels living in our contact room, recently we’ve acquired six more specifically for the new squirrel house. The enclosure has a well-developed habitat enrichment system, there are many shelter houses and various objects so that the squirrels do not get bored. We hope to get the first offspring next year. All in all, we are planning to populate the territory of the “Chervlyony Yar” with the litter of our squirrels, – deputy director of the Voronezh Zoo Inna Subbotina told the Voronezh correspondent.