Director of Voronezh Gallery H.L.A.M. Alexey Gorbunov was included in the rating of the most influential people in the Russian art of 2018 according to Artguide publication. The list was published on Wednesday, December 26. The Voronezh resident took the 24th place out of 50.

In the 2017, Alexey Gorbunov was not included in the rating. According to the compilers of the rating, none of the artists from the “Voronezh wave” could do without the support of the director of the Voronezh gallery. So, in early 2018, the gallery turned 10 years old. “10 Years on the Art Market” exhibition which brought together the works of more than 40 artists opened to celebrate the date. In 2018, the gallery hosted personal exhibitions “Five Thousand Eyes” by Nikolai Alekseyev, “Pearls of Irregular Shape” by Oleg Dautov and “The Cave of Beautiful Eyebrows” by Ivan Gorshkov.

Artguide publication presented the rating for the sixth time. In 2018, the analysts abandoned the rating of artists. The rating jury includes journalists, art critics, art historians, curators, gallery owners, museum workers and librarians, artists, designers, playwrights and officials from different cities of Russia. The voting list included curators, museum staff, officials, gallery owners, publishers, art managers and others.

The experts put points in front of each name from 1 to 10, depending on the degree of influence of the artistic process nominee in 2018 (10 points – influenced greatly, 1 point – did not affect in any way). The points received by each candidate were summed up, and the first 50 people who received the most points were in the final list.