Deputies of the Voronezh Region Duma have adjusted the region’s budget for 2017 and the scheduled period of 2018-2019 during the session on Thursday, February 2. Budget’s income and expenses have increased by 861.7 million rubles.

The adjustment of income and expenses of the regional budget is related to additional non-repayable revenue from the federal treasury as well as re-allocation of budget assignments among items of the main financial document of the region, Head of the Regional Department of Funance Nadezhda Safonova explained.

Subsidies for implementation of regional programmes for development of the agro-industrial complex will amount to 663 million rubles. Subsidies for providing disabled people with technical means of rehabilitation – 404.4 million rubles. Subsidies for providing orphans and children without parental custody with housing will amount to over 90 million rubles in 2017-2019. The Regional Department of Culture will receive almost additional 21.6 million rubles for executing its programmes; the Department of Health Care – 228.6 million rubles.

Given the re-allocation of funds, changes in both income and expense parts of the budget will reach 861.7 million rubles.

Several regional departments and agencies will receive funding from the 3 billion rubles reserved by the regional authorities in late 2016. The funds will be spent on co-funding the programmes partly executed at the federal budget’s expense. The Department of Housing, Public Utilities and Power will receive 107.9 million rubles for implementing the “Forming the Modern Urban Environment of the Voronezh Region“ programme. The Department of Mass Communication – 10 million rubles for developing the mobile telephony and wireless fidelity services in the settlements not covered by a stable cellular transmission signal. The Department of Transport and Automobile Roads – 81.3 million rubles for compensating some of the revenue losses of JSC PPK Chernozemye from transporting passengers to and from the suburbs. The Department of Education, Science and youth Policy will receive additional 43.1 million rubles for creating children’s technopark “Quantorium”.

According to Chairman of the Regional Duma Vladimir Netesov, amendments in the regional budget are aimed at improving the life quality in the region.

– For example, 425 million rubles will be spent on monthly payments to families in case of birth of third (or successive) child until he or she reaches the age of three; 404 million – on providing the disables with prosthetic and orthopedic devices; 90 million – on providing orphans with housing, - the Regional Duma Speaker noted.