The Japanese delegation visited Voronezh on Wednesday, May 23. Representatives of Japanese company NICE Group visited the site in Ramonsky dDistrict, where in the summer of 2018 the construction of the first houses of eco-village “Chertovitskaya Dubrava” will start. The completion of the work is scheduled for 2023.

The construction of the housing community will be the next stage of the Russian-Japanese cooperation. It began with the construction of Russia’s first “smart and healthy home,” contributing to an increase in life expectancy.

The pilot project of “smart home” successfully implemented by House Building Factory (“Domostroitelny Kombinat” (“DSK”)) in August 2017 aroused interest among scientists and the general public. Scientific support of the project is provided by the Voronezh State Technical University. Specialists of the Basic University work in the building of the experimental house. They study the influence of building and finishing materials on the residents’ well-being.

DSK announced its plans to build a housing community of “smart and healthy homes” using the Japanese technology in the winter of 2018. The project has been supported by the Voronezh Region Government.

Director General of JSC “DSK” Sergey Kryuchkov told the members of the Japanese delegation on the progress of the project. A land plot of 27 hectares in the village of Chertovitsy, Ramonsky District, was formed for the construction of the housing community of “smart and healthy homes.” The houses are located at a distance of less than 40 km from Voronezh. It is convenient for the residents working in the regional center. In addition to the human body friendly environment inside the house, its surroundings will also be environmentally friendly – the housing community is surrounded by centuries-old oaks.

The project provides for the stage construction of 141 individual residential houses with backyards. The size of the land plots ranges from 800 to 1.3 thousand square meters. The planned population is about 500 people. The territory of the village will have all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable living – a public area, playgrounds, sports and shopping facilities, a parking and a recreational area. The main perspectives and stages of joint work have been identified, which include providing the eco-village with the necessary engineering and transport infrastructure, building three experimental house samples for subsequent replication. Deputy Director General for Economics of JSC “DSK” Andrey Sobolev said that according to preliminary calculations, the volume of investment in the project, would amount to 1.5 billion rubles.

Representatives of the Japanese delegation were impressed by the location of the future eco-village surrounded by picturesque Voronezh nature. They expressed their confidence in the successful implementation of the project and emphasized that the concept of “smart homes” developed by the Japanese specialists was aimed not only at ensuring the comfortable living, but, first of all, preserving health and increasing the life expectancy of Russians, in particular, its healthy and active phase.

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