The authorities are planning to develop a project to build an alternate route for Moskovsky Prospekt in Voronezh in 2018. The alternate route for the problematic section may appear by the end of 2019, head of the Regional Department of Public Transport and Main Roads Maxim Oskin said at a press conference on Monday, October 9.

According to him, the new road will pass in the area of ​​Solnechnaya Street. with the streets of Holesnova, Begovaya and the 45th Strelkovoy Divisions, A traffic circle will be organized at the intersections with Kholzunova, Begovaya, and 45 Strelkovoi Divizii streets. Maxim Oskin said that it was necessary to resolve a number of issues to implement the project. In particular, the demolition of the inner suburbs is planned for the road construction. It is also planned to buy out the private territories from the traffic circle near the bird market to Yasnyi Driveway. In addition, the option of building a road that will connect 45 Strelkovoi Divizii and Begovaya streets through the industrial zone is being considered. Taking into account the volume of the necessary work, the full cost of the construction will be determined by the project documentation.

- The money for the construction of the highway will be allocated either by the region, or by the city. We will try bid (for the participation in the federal program - RIA "Voronezh"), depending on the cost, Maxim Oskin said.

The context

The city authorities proposed to create an alternate route of Moskovsky Prospekt and postpone the construction of Antonova-Ovseyenko - Moskovsky Prospekt junction in August 2017. According to the City Administration Head Alexander Gusev, the intersection at Antonova-Ovseyenko - Moskovsky Prospekt junction is no longer considered a priority project, since it will not be able to solve the transport problem of Voronezh. The road will pass from the intersection of Antonova-Ovseyenko Street and Moskovsky Prospekt to the exit to Massalitinov Embankment. The construction of the alternate route for Moskovsky Prospekt was discussed in Voronezh in 2013. Then it was decided not to implement the project, and now they have returned to it, presenting it as a priority. The volume of investments may be more than 1 billion rubles.