The Fourth Platonov Arts Festival opened in Voronezh today, June 5. The concerts of famous European theaters, outstanding musicians and exhibitions of well-known artists and photographers will be held in the capital of the Central Chernozem Region from the 5th to the 15th of June.

- The festival has become a significant event in our region. The Voronezh residents looke forward to this event. The organizers of the Platonov Festival are too early to be praised, let’s wait for the end of the festival. But we can say that a great work has been done. Thanks to the directorate and the volunteers - the Head of the Region Alexey Gordeev said, opening the Platonovfest. – The festival allows us to remember our fellow countryman, a genius writer. Platonov is the nation’s patrimony. He wrote a philosophy of life, prompting the meaning of our existence.

Later Alexey Gordeev, together with Presidential Aide Igor Levitin, who arrived in the region as part of his working visit, watched performance “Dance of a Man and an Excavator”, which opened the festival.

- Did you know that 2014 was declared the year of culture by Russian President Vladimir Putin. I hope that your festival will be a bright particle of this great holiday. I want to thank the organizers, the sponsors, and the head of the region. We see how the culture of the region has been reviving in the recent years - the Presidential Aide noted, addressing the Voronezh residents at the opening ceremony of the Platonov Festival.

This forum will acquaint the Voronezh residents with the advanced trends of the world art. Thus, the novelty of the Fourth Platonov Festival has become an extensive street theaters program. Platonovfest was opened with a street performance of French team Beau Geste “The Dance of a Man and an Excavator”.

One of the most original performances of the festival is really a dance – a multi-ton machine did not look awkward. To the accompaniment of legendary opera singer Maria Callas, the excavator first pushed away actor Philip Priasso, and then apologetically brought the defenseless man back to it and rode in its bucket.

The artist performed dangerous stunts with amazing grace: at an altitude of four meters above the pavement of Lenin Square, Priasso was hanging at the edge of the  bucket holding only with his fingertips.

- I have several times fallen and received serious injuries. I have just recovered from one of them. But this doesn’t matter: I see the tears of the touched audience, and it inspires me. And once I saw how a little boy was upset when he noticed a driver coming out of the car. He believed that it was alive. Conceiving the performance, we did not know the result, we were improvising. We wanted to show a dialogue of a man and a machine. We chose an excavator because the movements of its bucket resemble the motions of our hands,
Philip Priasso.

“The Dance of a Man and an Excavator”, created in 2005, has already been shown in more than 40 countries, more than 600 times. The French artist had to perform with a new “partner” in each country.

- It is very difficult, because all the cars are different. They have different buckets, different teeth on them, different height. Every time you have to search for the dance again - the actor confessed.

The unique performance will be held at Lenin Square on June 6 at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. free of charge.

What people post and write about the Voronezh Platonovfest in social networks you can find here - Opening of Platonovfest 2014: Voronezh social networks view.


- It’s a very interesting performance, it caught me. It’s unusual to see a multi-ton vehicle in such a guise – the actors managed to revive it. We often see humanized animals in cartoons and performances, but I do not remember an excavator. I saw the relations of a human and a mechanism in this production, their live dialogue. It is one of Platonov’s topics, by the way! His characters often love a locomotive as a person. Imagine an excavator or a tractor driver from a village. He has been working in this car for thirty years! Of course, the person begins to feel this mechanism. Even an experienced motorist is affectionate to his old car. This is my understanding of the French performance,
Andrey Miroschnikov, actor of the Chamber Theatre.

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