An IKEA shopping center will not be built in Novousmansky District after all. The Swedish company has put an end to the story of the site near Voronezh. The land was sold in the early summer of 2019. The site where the shopping center was supposed to appear is no longer owned by IKEA, the company's press service told the RIA Voronezh correspondent on Wednesday, July 17.

The talk of the construction of the IKEA furniture and home goods store in the Voronezh Region began in September 2014. IKEA promised to open a shopping center at the end of 2017. In March 2015, representatives of the organization reported that the area of the store would amount to about 44 thousand square meters, and the parking lot would be designed for 1.7 thousand cars. In July 2016, the company decided on the location: the shopping center was going to be built in the village of Otradnoe of Novousmansky District.

The company managed to connect to power and utility systems, but in 2017, a part of the site was put up for sale. The project became frozen until 2025. IKEA assured that this was a temporary measure, and the implementation of the project was postponed until “the commercial indicators are clarified”. In the summer of 2018, head of Novousmansky District Dmitry Maslov stated that “the construction project is practically aborted.”

– This issue has been worked on for a very long time, but, as it finally it turned out, the company is not ready for consistent implementation of the project. For example, the area of the land lot they bought was too big. As of today, the land is planned to be divided, and a part of it will probably be sold. Also, they are currently trying to reduce the cadastral value through court, because it is a serious tax burden, – Dmitry Maslov commented.