The most popular children's names in 2020 were Alexander and Maria. This was reported by the press service of the Civil Registry Office of the Voronezh Region on Tuesday, April 28.

5413 babies were born in the region since the beginning of the year. At the same time, there have been registered 2.209 first children in the family, 2.096 second children, 749 third children, and 348 fourth and subsequent children.

For the first time in ten years, Artyom gave way to Alexander as the leader among male children’s names. So, 132 children were named Artyom, but the number of Aleksanders turned out to be slightly larger - 140. Next are Mikhail (131), Matvei (129), Maxim (120), Dmitry (120), Ivan (104), Kiril (100), Ilya (89), and Nikita (87). The name Yegor dropped out of the top ten this year.

Among the girls, the biblical name Maria (120) became the most popular and supplanted Anastasia (115). The names Polina (115), Viktoria (11), Sofia (108), Anna (98), Veronika (92), and Varvara (80) are still popular among parents. But Alexandra and Daria were forced out of the top ten by Ksenia (79) and Alisa (87).

Among the rarest and most unusual were Miron, Bronislav, Kornei, Valentin, Yeremei, Aelita, Alexandrina, Slavyana, Maryana, and Demida, as well as national names - Zulfiya, Akhmat, Zukhra.