President Vladimir Putin has included Vadim Kstenin, the mayor of Voronezh, in the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects. This was reported by the press service of the Voronezh administration on Wednesday, April 15.

“In many ways, national projects have become salvation for cities, they have allowed for systematic and consistent solving of a large number of problems in all particularly important spheres of life in Voronezh - from the state of roads to the lack of capacity of social institutions. For example, last year we successfully implemented an unprecedented investment program for the construction of schools and kindergartens. This year, we continue to work, build both stand-alone institutions and expand the existing ones, design new facilities in order to provide a reserve for the future, be ready to attract and effectively use federal funds for the needs of Voronezh and its residents,” the mayor said.

Vadim Kstenin noted that he would not forget about the improvement of Voronezh due to his new responsibilities:

“The inclusion in the Presidential Council is a great responsibility, I hope that the experience gained in Voronezh will be useful to my colleagues from other cities and regions. And for our city, one of the most important national projects is the “Formation of a Comfortable Urban Environment”, especially in terms of complex beautification of courtyards. It is no secret that their condition worries the Voronezh residents even more than large-scale works in large public spaces. I am convinced that this work should continue until the improvement comes to every courtyard.”

In August 2019, the Voronezh mayor joined the Presidential Council for the Development of Local Governance.