The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has agreed on a strategy for the socio-economic development of the Voronezh Region for the period up to 2035 (“Strategy 2035”). The ministry issued a positive opinion on Tuesday, October 2, the Press Service of the Regional Government has reported.

The document has already been approved by the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Construction of Russia and the Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs. The approvals of the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has been also received.

“Strategy 2035” took into account the main directions of development of Russia, which were identified by the Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects in July 2016. These are 11 trends, including small business support, mortgage, high-quality roads and the supervisory activities reform. The new regional strategy will reflect the mechanisms for solving the main problems of the socio-economic development of the region’s districts.

According to the Press Service of the Regional Government, in the long term, the Voronezh Region should become a region with a high quality of life and a favorable environment for the development of entrepreneurship. After the implementation of the strategy, the population’s incomes will increase by 3.3 times, and the level of poverty will be halved. Experts talk about the growth of the economy by 3.5 times, and the volume of investment in fixed assets by 4.2 times.

450 experts divided into 14 working groups were involved in the development of the documents and diagnostics of key problems of the Voronezh Region. “Strategy-2035” project also underwent a public discussion. Until the end of 2018, “Strategy-2035” will become a regional law.

More information on the draft document is available on the website of the Department of Economic Development of the Voronezh Region.