The Voronezh Platonov Festival keeps pace with the times: an innovative ballet in the VR format will be shown to the citizens. The technology allows immersing a person in an artificially constructed world and create a feeling of a complete illusion of the reality. All the necessary equipment for viewing VR productions will be distributed to the viewers, festival director Mikhail Bychkov said at a press conference on Thursday, December 20.

It is noted that this is the first choreographic performance in virtual reality with total immersion into the action in the world.

The modern dance in the immersive virtual reality lasting 20 minutes will be presented by the Swiss troupe VR_I (choreographer and director – Gilles Jobin). The performance will be held from the 11th to the 15th of June in the big rehearsal hall of the Chamber Theater.

According to Mikhail Bychkov, the performance-journey into the world of virtual reality will give the viewer a unique sensory experience. Thanks to VR glasses and motion capture devices, people will fall into the world inhabited by virtual dancers. The viewer’s avatar fully reproduces his movements. The viewers can move freely and watch the characters, and can interact with them and with each other while inside the performance.

Photo – Natalya Trubchaninova

Director Gilles Jobin received recognition for his pioneering work in choreography and established himself as one of Europe’s leading choreographers. Since 1995, he has been staging dance performances that are highly appreciated by critics and the public. The creative biography of the director includes more than 20 productions. In 2015, Gilles Jobin received Swiss Grand Award in dance category.