Jazz Province named the headliners of the festival in Voronezh on Friday, October 4. Concerts of improvisational music will be held from Saturday, October 26, to Friday, November 8.

In 2019, Voronezh will be visited by The Georgian Six - an a capella sextet from Georgia combining the traditional techniques of the Georgian three-voice, jazz-folk and classical music; American jazz vocalist Eve Cornelious; US chamber band Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers combining elements of New Orleans and Harlem swing, Parisian cabaret and a typical ‘bar’ blues; Pyotr Vostokov’s Bolshoi Jazz Orchestra from Moscow specializing in the authentic atmosphere of big bands of the 30s of the XX century.

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Also, the concerts will involve musicians from all around the world: the eclectic group The Change (Great Britain-Chile-Indonesia-Russia), pianist Jorg Hegemann (Germany), saxophonist Paul van Kemenade (the Netherlands).

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The Russian jazz scene will be presented by virtuoso cellist Boris Andrianov with the young participants of the original project Generation of Stars and the ideological inspirer of the Jazz Province festival Leonid Vintskevich together with his son Nikolai Vintskevich and his New Art project.

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In addition, young Voronezh artists, students of the jazz department of the Voronezh Music School, as well as students and graduates of the Igor Faynboym Jazz Studio, will traditionally perform at the festival.

RIA Voronezh note for information

Jazz Province is the only traveling festival of improvisational music in Russia, one of the largest Russian festivals of modern jazz culture. The goal of the organizers is to introduce new names, directions and trends of modern improvisational music to the audience.

The festival was created in 1996 by Kursk pianist and composer Leonid Vintskevich. Unique in its kind, the traveling jazz festival is annually attended by 10 thousand to 20 thousand spectators in different cities. For 24 years, thousands of musicians from dozens of countries have taken part in the events of the festival.