The Voronezh Rotunda was put onto the books of the Center for Military-Patriotic Education “Museum Diorama.” This decision was taken by the deputies of the city council at a meeting on Wednesday, May 30.

The rotunda will be conserved. According to newly elected head of the regional branch of the Russian Military Historical Society, a State Duma deputy from the Voronezh Region Yevgeny Revenko, 3 million rubles have already been allocated for the conservation.

- In Voronezh – the city of military glory – we cherish the memory of the Great Patriotic War. Voronezh is, in fact, the second Stalingrad. It is the owner of a unique ruined monument – the Rotunda. In the Russian Federation and in the territory of the former USSR countries, there are very few such monuments. There is Pavlov’s House in Volgograd, the Brest Fortress in Belarus. All other ruined monuments have been gradually demolished, new quarters have been built in their place. But thanks to the persistence of the Voronezh residents, the Rotunda has been preserved, Yevgeniy Revenko said.

Yevgeniy Revenko noted that the monument “needs quality conservation”: in 2008, the central part of the dome collapsed under the weight of snow. The Rotunda’s basements, according to the deputy, can become a museum.

- I am sure that in the implementation of these plans, the Rotunda will become one of the places of attraction for both Voronezh residents and tourists, Yevgeniy Revenko summed up.

In January 2018, Yevgeniy Revenko sent a request to the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medintsev to urgently conserve the rotunda. Medintsev supported the proposal and gave the appropriate instructions to the Ministry and the Military Historical Society.

RIA “Voronezh” note for information

The Rotunda is the only building in Voronezh, preserved in the form of ruins after the German occupation of 1942. This is a surviving corps of the clinical hospital, which territory was on the front line. The German offensive was stopped here. Since 1983, the Rotunda has been a monument of history and culture of local importance.

The issue of the demolition of the Rotunda arose during the creation of a new hospital complex in the early 1960s. Veterans and public organizations managed to defend the object. In 1965, the city authorities decided to preserve the Rotunda as a monument to the war.

In the 1960s, and later in the 1980s, tenders to conserve and restore the Rotunda, turning it into a memorial complex were held, but the ideas have not been realized. In 1982, a fence was installed around the ruins, which was renovated in 2005. An inscription on the granite: “Monument to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Rotunda. Ruins of the Regional Hospital, destroyed during the fighting for Voronezh in 1942-1943. Permanently preserved as a memory of the tragic past.” appeared to the 60th anniversary of the Victory.