The stage of the physical launch of the 3+ generation power unit № 2 with a VVER-1200 reactor (№ 7 of NvNPP) began at Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant 2 on Tuesday, February 19. The first fuel assembly was loaded into the reactor core at 16:10. It is planned that all 163 fuel assemblies will be loaded into the reactor of the power unit within five days.

A physical launch is one of the stages of commissioning a power unit. It is necessary to confirm the reliable and safe operation of the power unit on the design parameters during its entire lifetime. Specialists should determine the characteristics of the core required for reactor operation. It is also necessary to perform the reactor assembly works, to reach the nominal parameters and bring the reactor to a critical state in order to fix the chain fission reaction in it. They will also conduct tests to confirm the design data of the fuel load.

The power unit № 2 of NvNPP-2 is the third power unit of this type in Russia. The first similar power unit - №1 of NvNPP-2 (№6 NvNPP) – was create in 2016. Its output amounts to 16.841 billion kWh since the moment of its commissioning. The second reactor was launched in 2017 at Leningrad NPP-2. The innovative 3+ generation power unit with a VVER-1200 reactor has several advantages. Its capacity has increased by 20%, and the number of service personnel has been reduced by 30-40%. The equipment will last twice as long - 60 years with the possibility of extension for another 20 years.