A mosaic with an image of British rock singer David Bowie appeared on the facade of Building № 21 on Teatralnaya Street in Voronezh in June 2019. The author of the image is Voronezh mosaic artist Tatyana Fedechkina.

It took two weeks to create the image. Tatyana worked together with a friend. The image of the musician of 55 to 40 cm in size is made of colored glass, which is able to capture even the smallest details. According to Tatyana, glass is moisture-and-sudden-changes-in-temperature-proof, which makes the mosaic almost eternal.

– It took us some time to pick the place, we walked around the city and finally found the perfect wall. The plaster had fallen off of it, and there was no feeling that we would ruin anything. We didn’t get anyone’s approval for it because what kind of street art it would be then, – the author explained.


According to the artist, David Bowie is one of the greatest musicians, and Ziggy Stardust is his most vivid image: this is how millions of fans around the world remember him.

Tatyana Fedechkina is not going to stop there. On her social network webpage, she invited creative Voronezh citizens to participate in her new project. The details of the project have not been disclosed yet.

– A lot of talented people live in Voronezh. But, unfortunately, this valuable resource is disappearing. There is no interaction between the authorities and the artists. There are many successful examples of such projects in the world, and the result usually is a large-scale showplace. For example, in Kiev, they created a mosaic park of incredible beauty. A couple of years ago, I went to the city authorities with a proposal to make a mosaic park or a huge kaleidoscope. But, unfortunately, this story did not have a sequel. Now I am participating in a contest of art objects for Orlyonok Park. Let's see what happens. And while the authorities are thinking where to put all this, I’m doing spontaneous creativity free from any conditions and commercial offers. And I dare artists to unite and change the city together, – the girl said.

Tatyana Fedechkina graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Voronezh State University, she has no education in arts, but she has been fond of it since childhood. In addition to mosaics, he does ceramics on her own, making individual elements in a muffle furnace.

.– It all started when I first saw the works of Antonio Gaudi, and since then my life has been connected with mosaics. Nowadays, everything can be learned through the Internet, the rest is a matter of practice. So, I can say that I’ve learned from the great, – Tatyana jokes.