The amount of money allocated from the regional budget for “installation of light art objects in the Voronezh Region” will reach 90 million rubles following the results of 2018. The decree was published on the official Internet portal of the Regional Government on Thursday, November 29. As representatives of the Press Service of the Regional Government reported to the RIA “Voronezh” correspondent, the funds will be spent on light art for the buildings in the Voronezh center.

The funds are being allocated as part of the “Efficiency and Development of Power Industry” programme. According to the document, the implementation of the decree is supervised by First Deputy Chairman of the Regional government Vitaly Shabalatov.

According to the early reports, the Mikhailov House, the Communication House, Bristol and Marriott hotels, the State Bank building, Proletary Film Theatre, the Voronezh Puppet Theatre “Shut”, the Tulinov House, the South Eastern Railways building, the Governor’s House, the TsUM building, the Annunciation Cathedral, and other buildings will be equipped with light art. In the nearest future, it will be mounted on 19 building frontispieces on Revolution Avenue as well as Travelers Square and the fountain on Victory Square.

In 2019, the light art system will be mounted on 28 more buildings and six public sites in the city center.