Argentinean actress and singer Natalia Oreiro completed her big Unforgettable Tour in 15 cities of Russia with a performance in the Event-Hall of City Park “Grad” on Tuesday, April 16. Although the “green” concert was held without any prize drawings, the star of Wild Angel still presented some surprises to the citizens of Voronezh./p>


Natalia Oreiro flew to the capital of the Black Soil Region from Yekaterinburg the day before the concert. The singer out of the airport wearing a long down jacket, dark glasses and a large scarf which almost completely covered her face. Outside, the artist was already greeted by a crowd of fans with flowers, gifts and a huge banner with a greeting in Spanish: "Welcome to Voronezh." The fans hoped that Natalia would talk to them because there was still a lot of time left before the performance, but Oreiro very quickly accepted the presents and took only two pictures - hugging a little girl and a collective photo with everyone who greeted her. After that, she immediately got on the bus and went to the hotel.

Natalia Oreiro visited Voronezh on her tour already for the second time. In 2014, the star stayed at the Vetryakov Hotel near the concert venue, and this time a room at the Marriott Hotel was booked for her. The hotel’s location in the city center gave the fans hope that their icon would go for a walk in the streets or take a tour to the nearby Kramskoi Museum - the singer had repeatedly said in an interview that she liked visiting local showplaces. However, in the three days that Oreiro spent in Voronezh, she had not been anywhere apart from the hotel, the concert hall and the airport.

You have to hand it to the perseverance of the fans of the Argentinean performer: they relentlessly followed her along the entire route of movement and kept watch for hours on the street and in the restaurant of the hotel in an attempt to take a selfie and take an autograph. Oreiro's fans demonstrated the same stubbornness at the concert, adamantly refusing to sit down in the chairs during their favorite’s performance.

There was no dance partner at Natalia’s concert, but during the very first song, dozens of spectators rose from their seats and went down to dance by the stage. The guards tried to get the girls back to the stands, but it was in vain. The fans organized two of their own dance floors on the sides of the stage and danced merrily there, waving huge banners with declarations of love. Natalia noticed that one of the girls was holding a flag with words in Spanish: "Love, peace, freedom." The singer asked to give her the canvas. When the flag was in her hands, she proudly opened it and pressed it against her chest.

The theme of Natalia Oreiro’s show was space: it not only served as the background for most of the songs, but was also reflected in the singer’s sparkling costumes. The artist invented and developed the design of all outfits for the program herself. In almost two hours, she changed seven different images: from long elegant lush dresses to mini-dresses seductively glistening with sequins and openwork costumes made of bundles of beads and rhinestones worn on a nude bodysuit. The singer’s performance was accompanied by animated videos in which the cartoon Natalia in the form of a super-wizard flew to Earth overcoming various obstacles in her way.

The Voronezh fan club of Natalia Oreiro prepared three flash mobs for the concert. During the song Me muero de amor, the whole hall was filled with stars - like on the singer’s dress that she just happened to wear while performing this song. At the same time, various scenes flashed on the screen of stars. At the end of the composition, the stars touchingly formed the portrait of Facundo Arana - Natalia Oreiro's partner in the TV series Wild Angel. During the song Caliente (translated from Spanish as “hot”), the space was filled with yellow-orange flames. The viewers accompanied the final hit song Cambio Dolor with signs saying “Thank You”. The activists of the fan club drew, cut out and glued together all the stuff for flash mobs by hand. In total, they made over 2 thousand templates.

When a ukulele was brought to the stage for Natalia, the fans guessed that their favorite would play it for backup to the song Valor as she did in the previous cities of the tour. But instead, Natalia began to tell a story about how she met a little girl named Anna in Moscow during the filming of the TV series In the Rhythm of Tango in 2005. Oreiro said that she knew for certain that her old friend was in the room and wanted to see her again and hug her. Natalia repeated the girl's name several times and asked her to appear, but no one answered the call. Then the singer sat on the edge of the stage and began to sing Valor. Suddenly she saw a girl making her way through the crowd and waving her hand affably. Natalia realized that it was Anna, interrupted the song and, taking the girl by the palm, confessed that she loved and remembered her. The singer invited the spectator to the stage. When Anna got up and showed their joint photo, where she was captured as a child, the star said she remembers that day well. Natalia sat Anna on the floor next to her and re-started the song.

The RIA Voronezh correspondent managed to talk to mysterious Anna and learn the story of acquaintance with Natalia Oreiro from her. It turned out that the girl came to the Voronezh concert from Yelets where she lived. Fate brought her to the famous Uruguayan actress 14 years ago, not at all on a happy occasion.

– Natalia Oreiro is my childhood icon, I learned about her from the TV series Rich and Famous. I dreamed of meeting her and really wanted Natasha to know about me too. I thought our first meeting would take place at a concert in Moscow. But it so happened that at the age of 15 I was in the hospital, – Anna said. – I needed a complicated surgery, it was carried out in Moscow, and that I spent a long time in rehabilitation. One time I saw a newspaper at the nurse’s station saying that the new show starring Natalia Oreiro, In the Rhythm of Tango, would be filmed in Moscow. I did not know what to do: Natasha would be so close, but I would not be able to see her. And then I decided to write her a letter. The most common one. In Russian. But filled with feelings. When the letter was ready, I began to think about how to deliver it to Natalia. Volunteers sometimes came to our hospital to help small children. And I gave my letter to one of the volunteer girls. I said that I had a dream - to meet Natalia Oreiro in person. They promised me to get an autograph at the most, but I still believed that we would meet. I still do not know how Natalia got my letter, but after three months she arrived at the hospital! I was in shock. Together with Natasha came a few more people from her team, including interpreter Katya. We later became friends with Katya, she even came to visit me in Yelets. As for Natalia, after that meeting we spoke twice over the phone, she called me. But because of the language barrier, our conversations were short


For the girl, it was the first time at Natalia Oreiro's concert - her beloved husband prepared this surprise for her by bying the tickets. Anna admitted that, of course, she wanted to see the singer 14 years later, but she had no idea that their meeting would take place on the stage. Before the concert, the girl passed her childhood photo with Natalia from the oncology hospital to the staff of the Oreiro team, so that they would show it to her – in case she suddenly remembered the little patient.

– Everything that happened on the stage was like a dream. To say that I am pleased is to say nothing! I thank the Universe for hearing me once again! It was another happy day in my life. My daughter is four years old and she already says “cambio dolor”. I think next time we will come to Natalia’s concert together, – Anna uttered.

In addition to Anna from Yelets, several other viewers managed to visit the stage in the company of Oreiro. Before the composition Fuiste, the artist invited the most courageous fans to dance the rousing Cumbia with her. The main part of the “ballet” was made up of girls, but there were also three brave men in the hall who had no objection to showing their dancing skills. One guy in a white T-shirt with Oreiro's portraits on his chest and back stood out in particular among them. He moved so artistically as if he had worked as a dancer with Natalia all his life. When the singer asked each “dancer” to introduce themselves at the end of the routine and asked everyone how things were going, the young man embraced the singer and lifted her up on an impulse.

During the performance, the singer very cordially communicated with the audience and spoke and pattered various phrases in Russian almost without an accent. Natalia Oreiro already uses a few dozen of them, and they are far from trivial ones like “hello” and “thank you”. And she also repeated the favorite phrases said by the fans with genuine pleasure and laughed when she couldn’t pronounce them correctly the first time.


The actress tenderly accepted the gifts, looked into the packages with interest and sincerely rejoiced at the next fluffy Cheburashka. Among ingenious gifts received by Natalia were a short dress made of multi-colored patches of fabric and a children’s weeble wobble doll.

The concert was supposed to end with the trademark hit song from Wild Angel and an autograph session, as it happened in the previous cities of the tour. But Natalia decided to extend the pleasure to Voronezh residents and lingered on the stage for another 20 minutes to acquaint the public with her entire Russian-Argentine team that participated in the Unforgettable Tour: musicians, dancers, technicians, the makeup artist, the costume designer and assistants who were “responsible for everything”. And then the singer took off her boots, sat down on her knees and began to sign posters and take pictures with fans.