The Russian Cinema Day is celebrated on Monday, August 27. A RIA “Voronezh” correspondent made a selection of films and TV shows shot in the region in the ХХI century.

I’m Staying (2007)

  • KinoPoisk: 7,7
  • IMDb: 7,5

It is a directional debut of Karen Oganesyan in which Andrey Krasko has played his final part (except Liquidation during the shooting of which the actor died).

The main character of the mystical drama is Dr. Tyrsa. He adheres to scientific views and furiously denies the existence of the otherworldly. One day the doctor accidentally gets hit in the head with a bowling ball and falls into a coma. He finds himself in a world populated by people who are neither alive nor yet dead. After going through several challenges, the doctor becomes nicer and wiser allowing him to come back to life.

The afterlife, the place for people fallen into a coma, was shot in a chalk quarry near Kopanishche village of Ostrogorzhsky District (the Kopanishchensky Quarry) in 2006.

The Brothers Karamazov (2009)

  • KinoPoisk: 7,5
  • IMDb: 7,5

Another Voronezh chalk quarry, this time – in Rossoshansky District – has also become a film set. Its views can be seen in the third episode of The Brothers Karamazov, in the scene of the temptation of Christ. The quarry near Rossosh appeared in the film as the desert from the New Testament. The shooting took place in 2006.

The series is a TV adaptation of the last novel of Fyodor Dostoevsky. It was directed and produced by Yury Moroz. The show was premiered in 2009 on Channel One.

Puteytsy (Railroaders, 2008)

  • KinoPoisk: 7,2
  • 4,2 (out of 5)

The shooting of the first three episodes of the first season of the series about the staff of a Moscow – Sochi train was held in Voronezh in September of 2006. The Voronezh-1 Train Station became the place of an explanation between the characters of Olga Pogodina and Ilya Noskov at a restaurant. The crowd scene involved around 200 Voronezh residents.

Yolki 3 (2014)

  • KinoPoisk: 6,5
  • IMDb: 5,7

Approximately a thousand people wearing winter clothes had gathered overnight into September 1 of 2013 on Lenin Square in Voronezh for the shooting of Yolki 3 (Christmas Trees 3). The Voronezh residents had formed two gigantic letters. The letter V appeared in the beginning of the film as part of the phrase “S Novym Godom” (Happy New Year). The letter R can be seen at the end of the film as part of the phrase “Tvori Dobro” (Do Good Deeds).

The film was produced by Timur Bekmambetov and directed by Olga Kharina and Dmitry Kisilyov. Just as all the films of this franchise, this one includes sweet New Year stories.

Delta (2013)

  • KinoPoisk: 6,5
  • IMDb: 5,7

This s a story of two former Special Forces officers forced to work as fishing control inspectors. The series was shot in 2012 in Ramonsky District. The local sceneries can be seen throughout the whole show. In the series, the River Voronezh represents the Volga River.

The show was directed by Voronezh citizen Sergei Lyalin, and one of the characters was played by another city native Sergei Selin.

Muzhskaya Zhenskaya Igra (The Men’s Women’s Game, 2011)

  • KinoPoisk: 6,1
  • IMDb: 5

It is a comedy film about an amateur women’s football team. According to the plot, a construction company is forced to assemble a football team from its female staff to win a tender auction for building a large stadium because the customer loves football and women. The employees who have nothing to do with sports including a secretary, an economist, a crane operator, a painter, a cook and a security guard must take part in a major tournament.

Director Maria Mikhanko chose Voronezh because she had heard a lot about local women’s football team Energia. Voronezh football players took part in the shooting on an equal basis with the actors. The film features Kamenny Bridge, the Trud Stadium and the training base of FC Fakel.


Human Factor (2013)

  • KinoPoisk: 6,2

Alexander Zamyatin’s series tells the story of the tribulations of pilot Anya who has been living in a room of a huge shared apartment since her childhood. Through hard labor at a plant, the main character finds the funds to buy an apartment but falls victim to con artists and loses the money. In addition, she is being dumped by her fiancée.

The shooting took place in Voronezh during autumn of 2013. The series features the Voronezh-1 Train Station and the workshops of the Voronezh Aircraft Construction Plant as well as Petrovsky and Koltsovsky public gardens.

Golova. Dva Ukha (Head. Two Ears, 2017)

The film shot by Moscow director Vitaly Suslin tell the true story of a real person – Ivan Lashin, a 26-year-old shepherd from the Voronezh Region. In the film, the man plays himself.

According to the plot, a stranger comes to a village and offers Ivan a well-paid job in a big city. The lead character agrees, and so the adventure begins.

The film features the sceneries of Storozhevoe village of Ostrogorzhsky District. Voronezh shopping mall Arena also plays a significant part in the film.

The film became the Discovery of the Year at the 2017 International Festival-Workshop of Film Schools "Kinoproba". It was screened at the 28th Open Russian Film Festival as part of the main competitive programme. Also, the film was highlighted at the XXIII International Human Right Film Festival “Stalker” and the Busan International Film Festival.