2014 Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova held a master class for students of Sports School №24 on Friday, February 7. The athlete came to Voronezh as part of the Winter Sports Day celebration.


Immediately after Sotnikova’s arrival, she held an “Olympic lesson” for young female and male figure skaters. She told about her recovering from injuries and finding the strength to keep on training.

“It is mentally very difficult to recover from an injury. You need to talk to your closest person, for me, it was my mom. We talked a lot with her. Three months of rehabilitation, then I went out on the ice and again got an ankle subluxation. I was out for another three weeks. Then I started dancing, swimming, boxing. I rebooted myself by doing other sports and became able to return to figure skating - it became psychologically easier, I did not think about the leg. At times I wanted to quit skating. To be honest, I cried into the pillow for a very long time locking myself up with every key so that no one would see it. Then I recovered, went to my parents, slammed a table and said that I was tired of everything. I said that I didn’t want to skate, that I wouldn’t go on ice anymore. Then, when my parents saw that I had calmed down, a calm conversation began. Mom and dad brought me to my senses and then said: "If you don’t want to, don’t go." I sat at home for a couple of days and realized that I could not live without figure skating. I was 11 years old when this happened. Later the cycle repeated because, over the years, the training became harder, longer. We are all like that - we are not robots. You just need to find some key that will help you relax,” the 2014 Olympics champion told the children.


In the conversation with the students of Sports School №24, Sotnikova recalled herself preparing for the decisive start in Sochi in 2014.

“I was very confident. I just went out and started flitting on the ice. It was as if an angel was leading me. For the first time in my life, I performed with a cool head. I didn’t think about anything. I just skated, trusted my hands and feet. The brain was just off. I surrendered myself to this with my body and soul. If you train every day, the muscles remember everything, everything works,” the athlete explained.


After half an hour conversation, the skater went with the children to the ice rink of the Yubileiny Sports Palace. She showed young athletes the technique of proper gliding and various technical elements.


“For children, meeting such a great athlete is already an incentive for further development. From such a person, it is important to hear even the simplest words and messages. I really liked the questions of the children - naive but beautiful in their innocence. At the same time, there were also highly specialized, professional questions. After all, for these children, figure skating is life, they know all these terms. And Adelina answered them very well and in detail. She set the kids up for work, after something like this they begin to believe that they have a future. This is how you move forward. Progress is achieved not only by training but also by meeting interesting people. These life episodes are like fuel on which children will work and grow,” director of Sports School №24 Vladimir Ozerov commented on the meeting with the eminent figure skater.


On Saturday, February 8, Adelina Sotnikova will hold a master class for Voronezh residents on Lenin Square. It starts at 12:30.

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