The first IL-112V model completed the ground frequency tests at the Zhukovsky Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute, Alexander Bykov, Director of the Il-112V Light Military Transport Aircraft Program at Ilyushin company, said in an interview with TASS on Friday, October 5. The aircraft will be transferred to the flight test station of the Voronezh Aircraft Plant for airfield exercise and the first flight in the near future.
According to Alexander Bykov, “ground frequency tests of the airframe, automatic and manual control, as well as the undercarriage” took place:

– The materials obtained are used in holding the experimental aviation methodological council, which should give a positive conclusion on the first flight of the aircraft, the Director of the Illyushin Light Military Transport Aircraft Program said.

The Il-112V light military transport aircraft is designed for transporting and air landing up to 5 tons of light weapons and military equipment, cargo and personnel. It is also designed to replace the An-26. The developers hope that the Il-112V competes with high-class world transport aircrafts.

The context

The development of the IL-112 began in 2003 and was halted twice. Ilyushin Aviation Complex OJSC signed a contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for the development of the Il-112V military transport aircraft in December 2014. The aircraft plant began to manufacture the first parts in January 2016.

VASO invested more than 1.3 billion rubles in the modernization of the workshops for the assembly of the Il-112V. The aircraft is being created entirely from domestic components. In the future, VASO plans to produce up to 24 aircrafts a year. The prototype will rise to the sky before the end of 2018. Serial production of the IL-112 in Voronezh will start after 2020.