Monument to poet Alexey Koltsov removed from Sovetskaya Square in Voronezh

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Text: Yulia Fyodorova
The monument will be moved to Koltsovksy Boulevard.

The monument in honor of Voronezh poet Alexey Koltsov was dismantled as part of the reconstruction of Sovetskaya Square on Saturday, June 17. The workers disassembled the statue using specialized machinery. The 85 ton monument is planned to be installed at 46D, Koltsovsky Boulevard.

Parts of the monument are temporarily placed in the Patriot Park near the Diorama Museum (94, Leninsky Avenue).

The Sovetskaya Square renovation project was introduced at the Х Architecture Forum “Zodchestvo VRN” on June 2. The reconstruction concept was developed by Voronezh architect Roman Pupavtsev together with Regional Budget Organization “Normativno-Proektny Tsentr” in association with Moscow Strelka Design Bureau LLC.

The development works at Sovetskaya Square in Voronezh will start in June and end in September of 2017. The square will become the first object to be reconstructed as part of “Forming the Comfortable Urban Environment” project and preparations to the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

RIA “Voronezh” note for information

The ten meter tall granite monument in honor of Alexey Koltsov was opened in October of 1976. The monument was installed on a platform created after the demolition of old houses. The authors of the monument are sculptor Pavel Bondarenko and architect Igor Savichev.

Not all Voronezh residents liked the sculpture. In 1997, the monument was moved closer to the entrance of the Drama Theatre and further from the Pokrovsky Cathedral.

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