Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Andrei Cherezov visited the construction site of a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) of the Voronezh TPP-1 with a capacity of 223 MW on Tuesday, September 24. The facility will be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The deputy minister noted that the main and auxiliary equipment of the Voronezh TPP-1 has already worked out its service life, but the facility cannot be decommissioned. According to Andrei Cherezov, the only solution is to complete the construction and commissioning of the combined cycle gas turbine at the facility. The innovation should increase the competitiveness of thermal power plants and help reduce the cost of generating electricity from 380 g/kWh to 230g/kWh.

“The commissioning of a combined cycle plant will allow decommissioning of the inefficient equipment of the existing part, while the combined cycle capacity will allow to retain all heat consumers, reduce the cost of the existing part and make the Voronezh TPP-1 a positively cost-effective power plant as a whole,” the deputy minister said.

Andrei Cherezov noted that the launch of a CCGT at the Voronezh TPP-1 will be a plus in terms of reliability of the heat supply in Voronezh, and next year the work at the TPP-1 is planned to be continued.