On Thursday, October 16, Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov came to Voronezh with a working visit.

After visiting the boarding school for gifted children “Repnoye”, the ombudsman met 37 year old Voronezh native Svetlana Anpilova and her 10 year old daughter Angelina. They fled from Norway from their husband and father and have been living in Voronezh for a year by now.
Pavel Astakhov noted that the girl speaks Russian better now than when they first met. Angelina told that she likes it better in Russia than in Norway. Svetlana shared the recent news – her ex-husband has sued her and demands money. The woman does not intend to pay, she’s going to defend her rights in court.

Pavel Astakhov said that Svetlana’ ex-husband has been writing letters to him as well asking to give him back his daughter.

- But I answered that our first priority is to defend the interests of our citizens, - the commissioner stressed.
At the end of the meeting, the ombudsman gave Algelina a pink teddy-bear had a photo taken of him with the rescued girl as a memento.

Voronezh native Svetlana Anpilova and her daughter fled from Norway in August of 2013. Svetlana had lived together with her husband Frod Karlswig for 11 years, but in the last years of their marriage the married couple started having problems: according to the woman, her Norwegian husband started to drink, yell at his daughter and “maltreat her”, and soon he supposedly began to “beat the child”.

The mother and the daughter spent four days at the hotel of the Moscow airport “Sheremetyevo”: the child didn’t have an international passport to visit Russia – only a Norwegian birth certificate. Svetlana requested assistance from social activists; support was also provided by the members of children's ombudsman Pavel Astakhov’s agency. On August 19 of 2013 Astakhov reported that 
Angelina was admitted to Russian citizenship. The mother and her daughter moved to Svetlana’s parents to Voronezh.
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