The exhibition program of the Ninth International Platonov Arts Festival will include five projects. The artistic director of the forum, Mikhail Bychkov, and the director of the Kramskoi Museum, Olga Ryabchikova, spoke about the events of the visual program during a live broadcast on the festival’s Instagram account on Thursday, April 4.

Platonovfest will bring large-scale exhibition “Circle of Artists”, dedicated to the famous eponymous association, to Voronezh as part of cooperation with the State Russian Museum. The Leningrad Society of Artists, which existed from 1926 to 1932, included Vyacheslav Pakulin, Alexey Pakhomov, David Zagoskin, Israel Lizak, Alexander Rusakov, Alexander Samokhvalov, and other contemporaries of Andrey Platonov. The “Circle of Artists” proclaimed that, in search of an adequate time for the “style of the epoch”, it put “the principle of a closely-knit team” in the forefront. Viewers will see about 50 paintings and drawings. The exhibition will run on the first floor of the exhibition hall of the Kramskoi Museum from June 1 to July 28.

From June 1 to June 30, photographs of Michel Sima, a famous sculptor and representative of the Paris School, will be presented on the second floor of the exhibition hall. The exhibition titled "Geniuses in Workshops. Behind the Scenes of the Parisian Art” provided by the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum and the Moscow House of Photography Museum. For 10 years, Michel Sima created portraits of his artist friends, including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Francis Picabia, Ossip Zadkine, Alberto Giacometti, Jean Cocteau, Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, André Derain, Le Corbusier, Marc Chagall, Juan Miro, and many others. In all the pictures of Sima, the artists are captured at work in the workshops, where the photographer had access to by being friends with them. The exhibition will include about 120 photos.

A large exhibition of sculptures by the “Russian Rodin” – Stepan Erzia – will open at the exhibition hall at 8, Kirova Street. The “Great Erzia” from the collection of the Mordovian Erzia Museum of Visual Arts will be open from June 2 to 30. Viewers will be able to see over 40 works made of wood free of charge.

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The new format for Platonovfest will be expositions in the urban space instead of specialized halls. One of such projects will be “Storm of the Labyrinth” presenting video works from the collections of museums and personal collections of artists based on the works and biographies of Andrey Platonov. The project will include works by Polina Kanis, Mikhail Maksimov, Lyubov Shmykova, Alexey Ilkaev, Uliana Podkorytova, the art group “Zer Gut”, and other contemporary artists working with video. The exhibition will be available free of charge from June 3 to June 16 on the third floor of the new atrium hall of the Chizhov Gallery Center.


The installation of Moscow-based artist Artem Stefanov “Platonov Is Looking at Us” will be presented on Sovetskaya Square during the whole festival. A multi-layered spatial figure was created from a photograph of Andrey Platonov. Artem Stefanov will disassemble the portrait into layers, making it a volumetric part of the three-dimensional world, and fit it into the urban landscape, full of perspectives. It is from the perspective, or point of view, that the viewer will see the whole picture or only its constituent parts.

The Ninth International Platonov Arts Festival will be held in Voronezh from June 1 to June 16. Over 65% of tickets to the festival events have already been sold.