The construction of meat-processing plant “Zarechnoye” LLC, the final link of one of Russia’s largest livestock projects on “marbled” beef production is coming to an end in Ramonsky District.

“Zarechnoye” complex is being developed in four districts. “Marble” Aberdeen-Angus cows are being kept in Kamensky, Podgorensky, Olkhovatsky districts. Feed yard is based in Ramonsky District. There are already 10,000 heads of cattle here, and 22,000 heads are expected at full load. Meat-packing house is also opening in Ramonsky District with a design capacity of up to 50 heads per hour, that is up to 30,000 tons of meat. The commissioning is to be completed in January, and the production itself will be launched in February. This strategically important for the Region facility was visited by the Governor Alexey Gordeev.

- This is a very serious and landmark facility not only for the Region but also for the whole country. This production receives special attention of the authorities. “Zarechye” (the area across the river) Meat-Processing Plant will provide an opportunity to complete the construction of meat cluster that will enable us to increase the cattle herd. Today Voronezh Region has almost one hundred thousand of cattle, but our target is to increase this number up to 300-350 thousand heads. Then we will be able to position ourselvesas the largest producer and supplier of beef not only in Russia but in the world - said Alexey Gordeev.

The Meat-Processing Plant, equipped with the most modern devices, will produce a wide range of ready-to-sell prime beef in different types of packaging - shrink film, vacuum or gas environment.

The products will be represented by two brands. “Primebeef” is a premium brand under which the highest quality beef will be sold, and “Zarechnoye” aimed at the mass market. “Marble” beef from Ramon will be principally delivered to the central regions of Russia and, of course, within the Voronezh Region. As explained by the General Director of “Zarechye” Sergei Nicenko, preliminary supply agreements with major retail chains and stores have been already signed.

The total cost of the meat-packing house is about 2.1 billion rubles, 1.8 billion of which are disbursed. The main creditor of the project was the Central Chernozem Bank of Sberbank of Russia.

- Of course, such expensive production is a serious risk for the bank. But we went for it because there is mutual respect and confidence in the policies of the local authorities, who acted as the project’s guarantor - said the Chairman of the Central Chernozem Bank of Sberbank of Russia, Alexander Soloviev. - We believe that in agriculture focusing on the production of milk and beef is the right way. Poultry and pork marketshave been long ago occupied by other regions, which at the same time, have not undertaken “our” livestock areas, as they are connected with long investment cycle, not to mention the complexity of the production. I think that commissioning of “Zarechnoye” Meat-Processing Plant will give a major boost to the development of not only large livestock breeding complexes, but also to small businesses that can use the modern slaughterhouse. Voronezh Region has everything to become the leader in the production of beef.