The facades of the museum-estate of Dmitry Venevitinov in the village of Novozhitinny of Ramonsky District will be repaired within 75 days starting with the contract conclusion date. The corresponding information was published on the public procurement website.

The cost of the work will amount to 7.8 million rubles. The funds will be allocated from the budget of the Voronezh Region. The company, which is to be engaged in the repair and restoration work, will clear the elements of the facades, conduct waterproofing, and other works. The contractor will be selected on Wednesday, July 31.

The museum-estate of Dmitry Venevetinov is a branch of the Voronezh Regional Literary Museum n. a. Ivan Nikitin, a monument of federal significance. The estate belonged to the noble family of Venevitinovs. The estate includes a two-storey mansion (1760-1770), an outhouse (1887), a park zone with a pond of the main manor house. Russian romantic poet Dmitry Venevitinov, who was a distantly-related cousin of Alexander Pushkin, spent his childhood here. Dmitry Venevitinov became the prototype of Vladimir Lensky in the poem Eugene Onegin.

In 1887, Ethel Lilian Voynich, the author of the novel The Gadfly, worked as a governess in the Venevitinov family.