Duck and turkey meat processing enterprise will be launched near the village of Kaverye of the Ramonsky District. The volume of investments in the project in 2020 is 1.7 billion rubles. Governor Alexander Gusev inspected the site on Friday, August 21.

The implementation of the investment project began in 2018. It provides for the construction of buildings and structures at two sites in the Voronezh Region. In 2021, the volume of investments will be 3.5 billion rubles, in 2022 - 3.2 billion rubles.

губернатор Воронежской области стройка агрохолдинг

In Kaverye, the site area is 250 hectares. The facilities to be built include a slaughterhouse and deep processing shop with treatment facilities, a turkey slaughterhouse, a feeding area, and a compound feed workshop. It is assumed that the production will begin in December 2020. The annual production rate will exceed 7 thousand tons of products. 100 jobs will be created. The second site will be created in the Semiluksky District on a 160-hectare land plot.

In the future, the management of the Ramonskaya Indeika (Ramon Turkey) agricultural holding plans to launch the production of high-quality organic baby food.

‘We will help, which will include the attraction of barter financing in the future. There will be a wide range of products: from baby food to delicacies, including mass consumer goods,’ Alexander Gusev stated.

Deputy Chairman of the Voronezh Region Government Viktor Logvinov added that in 2019, the Ramonsky District had attracted investments worth more than 10 billion rubles. This allows creating jobs.

The Head of the Region told that a large pork processing complex was being built in Pavlovsk. There are also small projects - for example, in Borovskoy and Kalacheevsky districts. According to Alexander Gusev, they are creating a brand.