The main stage of the Russian-Serbian tactical flight training "Bars-2017" finished at Pogonovo Range on Friday, October 6. Joint Russian-Serbian crews of MiG-29 fighters and Mi-8 helicopters carried out bombing, unguided firing and airgun target shooting at the range, the Press Service of the Western Military District has reported.

The flights took place in difficult weather conditions. The army aviation crews practiced the tactical force landing when the helicopter hovered above the point and when landing on an unprepared platform. The flight crew evacuated the people who figuratively needed medical aid, using a winch. The crews covered the Mi-8 from above, and on the ground — it was covered by special purpose units. At the end of the training, the crews practiced fire extinguishing using spillway devices with a capacity of up to 5 tons of water.

The exercises were held day and night. In total there were more than 30 sorties of fighters and helicopters.

The joint tactical flight training "Bars-2017" takes place within the framework of the international military cooperation. In total, up to 20 units of aerotechnics are used.

The video from the training site was provided by the Press Service of the Western Military District.