US Ambassador John Tefft arrived on a two-day visit in the Voronezh Region on Thursday, June 8. The official met with students and journalists at the Voronezh State University.

The US Ambassador delivered a welcoming speech, answered questions about politics, problems and future relations between the USA and Russia, and told what he knew about Voronezh.

- This is my second stay in Voronezh. During this visit, I learned what your fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers had to experience during the Second World War. Voronezh is an example of courage for me. My father and father-in-law also participated in this war, and we always remember it, John Tefft said.

The programme of the official’s visit includes visiting two agricultural companies: “Zarechnoye” and “EkoNiva”.

- When my friends in Moscow buy meat, they always choose the Voronezh one. This is already a brand, the Ambassador said.

During the meeting, several one-man protests against the American diplomatic official were held in front of the Main Building of the VSU.