The Russian Government will allocate a 714.84 million ruble state grant to the Voronezh Region. The region took the ninth place in the country among the subjects of the Russian Federation with the most significant achievements in the development of their economic potentials, the Press Service of the Regional Government reported on Wednesday, December 5.

The issue of allocation of grants from the federal budget in 2018 was discussed at the session of the Russian Government. Voronezh Region Governor Alexander Gusev’s predecessor Alexey Gordeev (currently the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government) congratulated him on the high estimate of the work of the region’s authorities. The Deputy Chairman expressed his hopes that the Voronezh Region would not lose its momentum and would continue its dynamic development. The Governor thanked the Vice Prime Minister and noted that all the funds from the grant would be spent on further development of the economy and social development of the region.

20 billion rubles will be allocated for the grant support of regions with high-efficiency indicators of the work of executive bodies. The rest of the grant support from the federal budget (40%) will be distributed among the top-ten regions in the ranking of work efficiency of executive bodies in achieving high economy development rates following the results of 2017.