Festive illumination can be mounted in five more streets of the city, said Victor Neugomonov, director of MPK Voronezhgorsvet, at a briefing at the City Hall on Monday, January 20. It is planned to decorate Moskovsky and Leninsky avenues, as well as sections of 20 Let Oktyabrya, Yuzhno-Moravskaya and Oleko Dundicha streets - from Geroev Sibiryakov Street to Komarova Street.

As Victor Neugomonov explained, the project is still under discussion, so the design concept will be chosen later. It will depend on the financial capabilities of the enterprise.

“Since the illumination is implemented using LED lamps, its maintenance does not cause great expenses. The concept of expanding festive lighting is currently under discussion and development. Voronezhgorsvet is currently preparing to accept all the elements and structures of the New Year’s decoration of Lenin Square to the balance sheet of the enterprise,” said Victor Neugomonov.

For the first time, the festive illumination for the City Day was lit in early August 2019. It was mounted on 13 streets, in eight public gardens, on four squares, on bridges and their dams. It includes 1762 consoles, 604 lamp posts, 2880 luminous balls, 2650 luminous stars, 22.4 km of garlands. At the same time, the total power consumption is only 380 kW/h.