Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev praised the Voronezh Region at a meeting with the governors, which he held in video conferencing on Monday, October 14.

– The pace of construction of kindergartens is impressive, the region is among the first to successfully develop the infrastructure of preschool education, – the Prime Minister stressed.

At the meeting, Governor Alexander Gusev said that the Voronezh Region achieved such results by using three tools: advanced preparation of design estimates, a strong regional legal framework that allows the redemption of preschool institutions from construction companies, as well as tight control of the contractors.

35 kindergartens were built in the Voronezh Region from 2013 to 2018. Another 21 kindergartens will open in 2020-2021.

– There are no waiting lines for kindergartens; the provision with nurseries has reached 99.96%, – Alexander Gusev noted.