“Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”, the sequel to a Voronezh cartoon, has picked the interest of distributors in the USA at the American Film Market 2018, the Press Service of Wizart Animation reported on Wednesday, November 7. Wizart has made several cartoon screening deals at once as part of the AFM 2018.

Thus, the company will continue working with film distributor Koch films GmbH. So the sequel to the story of wolf Gray, she-wolf Bianca, jackrabbit Mami and other characters of the cartoon will be watched by the residents of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Another deal was closed with Kino Swiat: it is planned that the sequel will be screened in Poland. In addition, ADS Service Ltd purchased the distribution rights for screening the cartoon in Hungary. Also, these rights were purchased by KLB SAS (representing the French-speaking territories of Europe). The residents of the Czech Republic and Slovakia will be able to watch the first and the second part of the franchise – the distribution rights were purchased by Bohemia Motion Pictures. The sequel, “Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal”, will be released in film theatres in January of 2019.

– The quality of our films is very high, and the positive reaction of the audience stimulates us to create even more interesting, amusing and picturesque stories. The second part of the “Sheep and Wolves” franchise will feature not only the well-known characters of the first cartoon but also new characters for the audience to remember, - Executive Producer of Wizart Animation Vladimir Nikolaev noted.

The first part of the Voronezh cartoon was called “Sheep and Wolves” (Volki i ovtsy. Be-e-e-zumnoe prevrashchenie). It became the prizewinner of Russian and international film festivals: the Golden Unicorn Awards in London in the Best Animated Film category, the Grand Prize of the Guro Kids International Film Festival in Seoul and many others.