The Directorate of the Chief Architect of Voronezh approved the design of the tsar-fish sculpture on Karl Marx Street – this was reported to the RIA “Voronezh” correspondent by the Press Service of the City Hall on Tuesday, June 13. The object “will become safer for citizens”, the City Hall representatives explained.

The reconstruction of the sculpture was planned to be finished by June 13. The works are nearly over, “there are just some details left”, the Press Service of the City Hall reported. The reconstruction completion date is yet unknown.

The sculpture of 300 kg tsar-fish was installed by “Garmoshka” Building on March 17. The object of 3 m in height and 6 m in length appeared at the entrance to a grocery store. Mayor Alexander Gusev stated that the sculpture does not correspond to the design regulations. The Head of the City added that the approved project is very different from the structure mounted on Karl Marx St. Alexander Gusev reported that the object will either be dismounted or brought into conformity with the design regulations. Specialists were given a task to estimate how safe the object is for the citizens – “it is an entrance unit and may pose a threat”, the Head of the City noted. Sculpture’s owner Natalia Papina stated her willingness “to bring the structure into the necessary shape”.

Citizens’ opinions on the unusual sculpture differ. Local historian Olga Rudeva noted that the structure looks inappropriate since it is installed near a building created in the traditions of Stalinist Empire style. Rudeva added that the sculpture looks like a pavilion in a park in the Soviet times. Voronezh sculptor Maksim Dikunov highly appraised the sculpture adding that “local historians know best if it is appropriate or not”.