The Main Programme

100% Voronezh

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

A joint project of Rimini Protokoll (Germany-Switzerland) and the Platonov Art Festival

The opening of the festival – June 6, 7, 8. The Opera and Ballet Theatre


In November, the Platonov Festival management announced that the eighth art forum would be opened by documentary play “100% Voronezh” to be staged specifically for the festival. It will be based on statistical data collected from the real residents of the city. The play will also involve citizens rather than artists. The management will pick 100 people from different social strata in order for this selection to reflect the statistical variety of Voronezh. These people will speak on different topics and answer problematic issue questions from the stage on behalf of the whole city.

As of today, 20 people have already been picked to participate in the creation of “100% Voronezh”. Among them are a university teacher, several retired people, school, pre-school and university students, a checkout clerk, an engineer, a hairdresser, a Ukrainian, a fitness club administrator, a logistician, and Armenian, a landscape designer and other residents of the city. According to Mikhail Bychkov, the management is planning to pick the full hundred by April.

– It isn’t a simple task, the more so because our selection method based on the snowball principle doesn’t allow us to invite our friends to the project or those who, to our opinion, are fit for it. In addition, not every invited Voronezh resident agrees to participate because it implies certain obligations: participation in rehearsals, in the final rehearsal, in three performances of the play. We’ve looked for our first man for a long time and received two rejections before finding a candidate who agreed to cooperate, - Mikhail Bychkov told.

Rimini Protokoll is a famous European company that works in the field of documentary theatre. For the first time, 100 actual people introducing representative selection of the city population came out on a theatre stage in the “100% Berlin” project of Rimini Protokoll in 2008. Later, the idea of “100% city” was implemented all over the world including London, Vienna, Cologne, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris, Marseille, Tokyo, Philadelphia, Montreal and Melbourne. “100% Voronezh” will become the premiere of this unique project in Russia.

La Verità

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

Compagnia Finzi Pasca (Switzerland). Created and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca

June 6, 7. The Voronezh Concert Hall


One of the last plays by world-famous director and choreographer Daniele Finzi Pasca has subhead “Theatre and Acrobatics to Live Music”. The La Verità show is inspired by the curtain for ballet “Mad Tristan” painted over by Salvador Dali in New York in the 1940s. Daniele Finzi Pasca was a participant of the seventh Platonov Festival his play “White on White” was performed on the stage of the Koltsov Voronezh Drama Theatre. The La Verità show is much more ambitious. It involves a great number of artists, and the length of the surrealistic acrobatic poem is 2.5 hours.

During the first three years after the premiere, Compagnia Finzi Pasca used the original curtain created by Salvador Dali. Today the troupe performs with its exact copy.

Daniele Finzi Pasca has staged plays for Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun), directed the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin (2006) and in Sochi (2014) and the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games in Sochi (2014).

O-h. Late Love

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

The “Drama Art School” Tehatre, Moscow. Directed by Dmitry Krylov

June 6, 7. The Koltsov Drama Theatre


Dmitry Krylov’s play “O-h. Late Love” doesn’t have archaic costumes and scenery. It is based on Alexander Ostrovsky’s play in the genre of grotesque tragicomedy with ridiculous changing of clothes and showy fights.

– It is pure theatre substance, joy, the peak form of dark comedy which leads to the deepest feelings, true tears in response to, one might think, such an extravagant form of this play. Those who will make it to the play will be happy, - Mikhail Bychkov announced.

The play by Dmitry Krylov based on the work by Alexander Ostrovsky is the winner of the 2016 Golden Mask award in “Best Small Scale Production” and “Best Actress” categories (the latter was won by Maria Smolnikova). The performance of the play at the Platonov Festival is organized in association with the “Golden Mask in Voronezh” project which takes place at the festival once every two years.

Dmitry Krymov is a famous Russian director and artist, the head of the Laboratory at Drama Art School. The School was founded in 1987 by outstanding theatre director and ideologist Anatoly Vasilyev who implemented the principle of research of the multisided nature of dramatic art in its concept. Today the School continues the tradition of experimenting, it includes three laboratories each of which has its own esthetics and theatre language.

Tales of June

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

The Emilia Romagna Theatre Foundation in association with Compagnia Pippo Delbono, Italy. Directed and performed by Pippo Delbono

June 8, 9. The Chamber Theatre


Tales of June is a mono-play is the storytelling genre by famous Italian theatre and film director Pippo Delbono. Known as the “theatre troublemaker”, Pippo Delbono will straightforwardly tell his life story from stage, touching upon taboo topics, recalling his youth, forbidden love, disease and ending up in the theatre world, delivering it with jokes and quotes of great poets – Shakespeare, Rimbaud, Pasolini and Genet. Critics call Delbono’s play a story about overcoming death.

Tales of June, like many other Pippo Delbono’s plays, was a participant of the main forum of contemporary theatre art – the Avignon Festival (Festival d’Avignon). In 1986, the Italian director created Compagnia Pippo Delbono (the Pippo Delbono Company) some actors of which are people with mental or physical disabilities.

Last Clown on Earth

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

The DEREVO Theatre, Germany. Directed and performed by Anton Adasinsky

June 8, 9. The Youth Theater


Famous actor, director, choreographer, ideologist and head of the DEREVO Theatre Anton Adasinsky will bring his new work, a plastic mono-play, to Voronezh. In “Last Clown on Earth”, Adasinsky demands perpetuating the cosmic figure of the Clown, prohibiting life without laughing and confirm the size of the Sacrifice the Actor has to make for his work to remain forever.

Plays of the DEREVO Theatre are hard to be assigned to a single genre: they combine miming, Butoh dance, commedia dell'arte and physical theatre, and the troupe members themselves insist that the study the synthetic nature of art, the basics of performativity and the capabilities of the human psychophysical system. DEREVO’s play “Islands” was included in the Platonov Festival programme in 2014. And at the fourth festival, Anton Adasinsky’s artists performed a show at the beach of “Scarlet Sails” park on one of the festival nights.

Macbeth. The Movie

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

The Lensoviet Academic Theatre, St. Petersburg. Directed by Yury Butusov

June 9, 10. The Voronezh Concert Hall


One of the most unusual plays of the eighth Platonov Festival is five-hour play “Macbeth. The Movie” which will be screened in association with the “Golden Mask in Voronezh” project. Director Yury Butusov destroys the structure of Shakespeare’s play editing the scenes to his own liking, stretching out and shrinking the scene time and building the composition in accordance with the logic of a dream. The director’s goal is not successive storytelling but searching for the play’s essence and emotional core.

For “Macbeth. The Movie”, Yury Butusov received the Special Award of the Jury of the Golden Mask Festival “For the Search of a Unique Theatrical Language”. Russian Shakespearean scholar Alexey Bartoshevich called Butusov’s play “a remarkable document dedicated to the heartbeat of today’s life, to the world possessed by infinite rap”.

Voronezh residents have already seen the plays by Yury Butusov – one of the most famous and award-winning theatre directors of modern Russia. In 2014, the fourth Platonov Festival opened with his play “Good Person from Szechwam”, and in 2015 Butusov brought his play “Brecht Cabaret” to the festival.

The Caucasian Chalk Circle

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

The Berliner Ensemble Theatre, Germany. Directed by Michael Thalheimer

June 12, 13. The Koltsov Drama Theatre


The legendary Berliner Ensemble Theatre founded by Bertold Brecht in 1948 will perform at the Platonov Festival for the first time in Russia. The German artists will bring “The Caucasian Chalk Circle”, a play based on Brecht’s work, premiered in September of 2017.

In Mikhael Thalheimer’s play, the traditions of Brecht’s “epic theatre” and expression typical for contemporary German direction interlace. Both the writer and the director agree on their well-defined attitude to war: it is not romanticism but blood, violence and ugliness. The play does not have any scenery, it is fully built on the energy of actors, their specific way of creating an image and existing on stage. The role of Grusche is played by Stefanie Reinsperger, a star of Austrian and German theatre.

– We will be able to witness an example of classic German theatre – expressive, loud and passionate – for the first time in Voronezh. It is a play about war and the human power; it is not an easy one, but everything in it is very clear, honest and powerful. It is one of the hits of our programme, - Mikhail Bychkov said.

La Fresque. The Painting on the Wall

Photo – Jean-Claude Carbonne

Company “Ballet Preljocaj” / National Choreographic Centre Aix-en-Provence, France. Directed by Angelin Preljocaj

June 11, 12. The Opera and Ballet Theatre


The French choreographer, representative of “new French dance” direction created one of his latest productions on the basis of a Chinese folk tale. At the same time, the choreographer did not try to retell the Chinese tradition word for word, but created its modern adaptation, while preserving the spirit and symbolism of the ancient story. The performance combines the classical ballet technique, plastic art of modern dance, elements of archaic and Far Eastern culture of the body. “Fresco” by Angelin Preljocaj will be shown at the Platonov Festival for the first time in Russia.

Angelin Preljocaj is the winner of many awards, including the Officer of the Order of Arts and Literature of France, the Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor, the Officer of the National Order of Merit. His performances are in the repertoires of theaters around the world, including La Scala in Milan, New York City Ballet and the Ballet of the Paris Opera.


Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

Company “Ballet Preljocaj” / National Choreographic Centre Aix-en-Provence, France. Directed by Angelin Preljocaj

June 14. The Opera and Ballet Theatre


Playlist#1 program consists of fragments of the best ballets by Angelin Preljocaj, which formed the worldwide fame of the French choreographer. Playlist#1 reveals all the facets of his choreographic language, as well as its inherent interest in text, introspection and symbolism.

The audience will get acquainted with fragments from the ballets staged by Preljocaj on the stages of the Paris Opera, the New York City Ballet, the Lyon Opera, and also specially for the Avignon Festival. Playlist#1 will also include the numbers from the ballet “And Then One Thousand Years of Peace” based on “Revelations of St. John the Divine” and the legendary play “Snow White,” which combined the Grimm Brothers fairy tale, Mahler’s music, Thierry Leproust scenery and costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. Preljocaj was awarded the Crystal Globe Award for this ballet.

The Old Man and the Sea

Photo – Pavel Antonov

The Chekhov International Theater Festival in cooperation with the Yevgeny Vakhtangov Theater, Moscow. Directed by Anatoly Vasilyev

June 15, 16. The Voronezh Concert Hall


“The Old Man and the Sea” is the first after a long break Russian performance by the legendary director Anatoly Vasilyev, staged by him on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Yuri Lyubimov. The only character in the performance is played by People’s Artist of Russia Alla Demidova, an outstanding actress of theater and cinema who has worked at the Taganka Theater for more than 30 years and has played leading roles in Lyubimov’s performances. The Association of Theater Critics called “The Old Man and the Sea” the best performance of 2017. The show in Voronezh at the Platonov Festival will be the first tour of “The Old Man and the Sea” outside the capital.

Anatoly Vasilyev became known for his performances at the Stanislavsky Theater in Moscow “The First Version of “Vassa Zheleznova” and “The Adult Daughter of a Young Man.” Since the beginning of the 1980s, he worked at the Taganka Theater at the invitation of Yuri Lyubimov. In 1987, he founded “The School of Dramatic Art” Theater. Since the middle of the 2000s, he has been working mainly abroad. Vasilyev is the first Russian director (the second foreign, after Robert Wilson), invited to “Comedy Francaise.” He also staged performances in the Weimar National Theater, Odeon and Bouffes du Nord theaters in Paris, the National Theater of Strasbourg and others. His awards include: the Stanislavsky State Prize of the RSFSR (1988), the Union of Theaters of Europe Award “New Theater Reality” (1990), the Stanislavsky Prize “For Contribution to the Development of Theater Pedagogy” (1995), The Golden Mask (1997), the State Prize of the RF (1999), Commander of the Order of Arts and Literature, France (2007).

Venti Contrari (Counter Winds)

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

Is Mascareddas Company, Italy. Directed by Karin Koller

June 16, 17. The Chamber Theater (small stage)


The only puppet show in the program of the Eighth Platonovfest will be the Italian parable without words “Counter Winds.” The premiere of the production took place in Turin at the International Festival Incanti in autumn 2017. The puppets participating in the play are reproductions of the puppets created by Sardinian artists Giuseppina and Albina Coroneo from the end of World War II to the seventies of the last century.

The puppets in the play personify the old people, whose lives were destroyed by the war. There are 10 characters on stage: 5 female and 5 male characters. All these people would like to return to their old life, but it’s impossible to turn back the time, and they have to build it all over again. Despite the winds blowing in the faces of the characters, the strength of each of them is just as stubborn and opposite to the direction of the wind.

– We wanted to show what the puppet theater could be. It is not necessary to wait for the “Marshak” for this.” This will be a performance for adults, and of course it will be held here for the first time in Russia, Mikhail Bychkov noted.


Photo – Richard Davies

Wayne McGregor Company, United Kingdom. Choreographer – Wayne McGregor

Closing of the festival – June 16, 17. The Opera and Ballet Theatre


Wayne McGregor for the first time in the history of world choreography made such an extraordinary step – cooperation with the world’s leading geneticists and decoding the full sequence of his genome. Rethinking the natural code through creativity, using memoirs and documents, McGregor explores his own biography in this ballet and asks the question: “How to understand life?”

Wayne McGregor is the most titled choreographer in the UK. He is a choreographer-resident of the Royal Ballet “Covent Garden.” He stages performances in such famous theaters as the Paris Opera, New York City Ballet, the Bolshoi Theater, the Royal Danish Ballet and the San Francisco Ballet. He is a laureate of two Lawrence Olivier Awards, Benois de la Danse Prize, four UK Theater Critics Society awards, two Time Out awards. In 2011, he received the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his contribution to dance art.

A distinctive feature of the performances by McGregor is his interest in new technologies and adjacent territories. For example, for the ballet “AtaXia” (2004), McGregor investigated the interaction of the body and the brain at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Cambridge University. And the whole process of staging Dyad 1909 ballet (2009) was analyzed by cognitive processes specialists. Wayne McGregor also staged choreographic performances for drama theater, opera, films (“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” “Tarzan. Legend,” “Fantastic Creatures and Where They Live”), videos (Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers) and fashion shows.

The Platonov Programme

The Cow

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management<

Gennady Trostyanetsky’s Theatrical Workshop, RGISI, St. Petersburg. Directed by Yevgenia Kolesnichenko and Kamilya Khusainova

June 10. The Youth Theater (small stage)


The play of professor Gennady Trostyanetsky’s acting course at the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts was based on a story by Andrei Platonov. The third-year students of the Faculty of Acting and Directing are engaged in the production. The creators of the play refer to its genre as “playing people” and say that “this is a piercing lyrical story, in which joys are combined with sorrows and in which people discover previously unknown starry worlds in themselves”.

– This short, bright story is not at all what we are used to see based on Platonov, Mikhail Bychkov assured.

When The Winter Starts to Warm Up

Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

The Komi-Permyak Drama Theater named after Gorky, Kudymkar. Directed by Irina Astafieva

June 12, 13, The Youth Theater


“When The Winter Starts to Warm Up” is a performance based on the stories by Andrei Platonov “Semyon,” “Yushka,” “Girl Roza” and personal stories of artists. All of them are united by the theme of love.

The Komi-Permyak National Drama Theater named after Gorky is located in the city of Kudymkar, the administrative center of the Komi-Permyak Okrug of the Perm Krai. Performances in the theater are in 2 languages: Russian and Komi-Permyak.


Photo – courtesy of the Platonov Festival management

The Drama Theater named after Stefan Kirov, Sliven, Bulgaria. Directed by Ivaylo Gandev

June 14, 15. The Chamber Theater (small stage)


The chamber solo performance based on Platonov’s stories “Semyon” and “Osmushka” is performed by actor Dimitar Markov. “Semyon” became a diploma thesis for director Ivaylo Gandev. According to the plot, seven-year-old Semyon helps his pregnant mother with the household and younger brothers and sisters. The woman dies when delivering, and Semyon decides to devote his own life to this child. This is a story about caring, selflessness, suffering, love and the desire to live – in the name of another, new, life. Mikhail Bychkov warned that the production of the Bulgarian artists took from Platonov all the most heartbreaking what was laid in his works.

The Eighth International Platonov Festival of Arts will be held in Voronezh from June 6 to 17. Tickets for the theater events will be on sale starting from February 22, Mikhail Bychkov said. The Platonovfest management will announce the music program of the forum next.

The artistic director of the festival did not specify the exact budget of the Eighth Platonovfest, but noted that the shares of the two main investors – the regional and municipal budgets – will not decrease in the festival treasury. In 2017, the budget of the art forum amounted to 77 million rubles.