A Soyuz-ST-A with a Voronezh engine placed French satellite CSO-1 into the orbit on Wednesday, December 19, the Press Service of Roscosmos reported. The rocket was launched from the cosmodrome of the Guiana Space Centre. The RD-0110 third stage engine was manufactured at the Voronezh Mechanical Plant.

In eight minutes and 49 seconds after the liftoff, the upper stage consisting of a Fregat-M unit and the CSO-1 satellite separated from the third stage of the carrier rocket. The duration of the mission from the launch to the satellite’s separation from the upper stage was one hour and 44 minutes.

The satellite was placed into the 800-km sun-synchronous orbit. The equipment installed on CSO-1 will allow taking images of the Earth’s surface at resolutions of up to 35 centimeters.

Earlier, a Soyuz-FG rocket had placed a Suyoz-MS-11 spacecraft into the orbit. The ISS-58-59 expedition included Roscosmos cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques, and NASA astronaut Anne McClain.