A Soyuz-2.1V carrier rocket with Voronezh engines was launched at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk Region on Wednesday, July 10, the press service of the Chemical Automation Design Bureau (KBKhA) reported. The launch video was published on the Roscosmos social network webpage.

The the first stage 14D24 rocket engine was developed at the KBKhA and manufactured at the Voronezh Mechanical Plant (VMP). The second stage 14D23 engine was developed and created by KBKhA in cooperation with VMP.

The launch of the carrier rocket and the launching of satellites into orbits have proceeded satisfactorily. The satellites are designed to study the impact of artificial and natural factors of outer space on the vehicles of the Russian orbital group, the Roskosmos press service reported.

The Soyuz-2.1V carrier rocket launch was conducted for the fifth time by crews of the Aerospace Forces. The first launch took place in 2013, the second – in 2015, the third – in 2017, the fourth – in 2018.

The flight tests of the Soyuz-2 space rocket complex began at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on November 8, 2004.