The Moscow General Planning Research and Project Institute, State Unitary Enterprise (Genplan Institute of Moscow), won the tender for the preparation of an updated general layout of Voronezh for the years 2021-2041. This information was published on the public procurements website on Thursday, October 25.

Genplan Institute of Moscow offered its services for 70.1 million rubles. The maximum contract value was 74 million rubles.

The contractor will systematize the source data, prepare materials for the demarcation. By 2019, the company’s representatives will prepare the concept of spatial development of Voronezh, the general layout draft and deliver the project to the customer. In 2020, the Moscow institution employees will discuss the project at public hearings, make corrections according to the state authorities’ comments and prepare the final draft of the project.

The works will be completed by November 30, 2020.

RIA “Voronezh” note for information

A city general layout is a territory planning document that determines the prospects for the development of the city for the long term. The document provides for transport, architectural planning, engineering, social, industrial and environmental aspects of the development of the city. The general layout includes maps and diagrams, as well as the text part. The document defines demarcation schemes for cultural heritage objects, electricity, heat, gas and water supply facilities schemes within the city borders, public roads schemes and other important components of the urban environment.