RIA Voronezh created a video about the construction of a prefabricated infectious disease hospital on Rostovskaya Street. You can see all the stages of the works in 2.5 minutes.

The materials for the video were prepared by RIA Voronezh’s photo correspondent Andrei Arkhipov. He also captured the work of the builders in photographs.

“I came to the construction site over 10 times. I began shooting from the moment the concrete for the foundation was poured. I decided to shoot from one point, but the landscape was constantly changing. I climbed a mountain - three days later it disappeared. I went to another place - and now there is a foundation pit with water tanks: the sewage of the infectious disease hospital must not enter the general sewer. The interior is constantly changing: it used to be a huge room, and now there is a corridor with many doors. I’m always welcomed warmly at the construction site, people from all over Russia have gathered there except, perhaps, for Moscow: there are people from Buryatia, Krasnoyarsk, Altai, and Siberia. They pose with pleasure! Now the surrounding area is being transformed. I have never seen such a pace of work! I’ll continue shooting until the hospital’s opening,” said Andrei Arkhipov.

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Фото — Андрей Архипов

The context

President Vladimir Putin with Governor of the Voronezh Region Alexander Gusev discussed the possibility of building a prefabricated infectious disease hospital in the region at a meeting on April 22. The construction of a medical center for 200 beds began on April 25 and its completion is scheduled for late June 2020.

Similar hospitals are being built in 15 regions of the country. At first, the medical facility will be used as a center for patients with coronavirus, later - as a regular infectious disease hospital.

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