Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov announced the termination of paper passport issuance in 2022. This was reported by TASS on Wednesday, July 17. The work on implementing electronic passports will begin in July 2020. All the components of the new system will be Russian.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that no foreign companies “would be involved in this work - neither from the point of view of any algorithms, nor in terms of software, nor in terms of the chip, nor in terms of the form factor”. The pilot project will be launched in Moscow.

Maxim Akimov demonstrated a prototype of a future electronic ID that resembles a driver’s license. The plastic card was equipped with a data-carrying chip allowing for contactless reading.

– This is an extremely secure document with a holographic image and Russian cryptography with a QR code. Forgery of this document... will be incomparably more expensive, and its security will be a sequence higher than in the field of circulation of paper passports, – the Deputy Prime Minister explained.

It will take only several seconds to block a lost card; all it takes is calling the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a Multifunctional Center for Provision of State and Municipal Services.

The Deputy Prime Minister also said that the transition to electronic passports will not generate additional expenses for the budget. The state duty for obtaining an e-passport will amount to 300 rubles at first, then it will gradually increase.