The construction of a full-fledged ring motorway in Voronezh with two overpasses will cost about 14 billion rubles. Head of the Regional Department of Public Transport and Main Roads Maxim Oskin said this at a press conference on Monday, October 9. In late September, the head of the region, Alexey Gordeyev, set a task - to establish a working group for the prompt resolution of issues related to the development of the street and road network in Voronezh. The priority projects include the construction of a ring road in the city.

There are no full-fledged ring roads in Voronezh so far. This leads to the highways congestion problem. It is assumed that in the future two existing semi-rings (on the right bank - the detour of Nothern Microdistrict and South-West District along Antonova-Ovseyenko - Geroev Sibiryakov streets; and on the left bank - the 25 km section of the Don route, bypassing Voronezh) will be connected.

The ring road construction project is planned to be developed already in 2018. The authorities plan to begin the construction of the road and two bridges in 2020.

- It will take about eight years. If everything goes according to the plan, the works will be completed in 2025-2027, Maxim Oskin noted.

The construction will be carried out on the co-financing basis. The largest amount of funds will be allocated from the Federal Budget. According to Maxim Oskin, the region's financial participation in the project will be minimal.